Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spoilers 3/18

Scrubs... Patrick and Liz's friendship causes problems for Patrick and Robin. Robin tries to make things better but Patrick offers her an ultimatum. Rumors say that Robin is suffering from something different that PPD. Patrick is shocked to see Robin with Brad outside her hotel room. Robin doesn't completely open up to Lainey but later opens up to Jason. Robin is hurt when she learns Patrick has been discussing her PPD with Carly. Robin's situation takes a turn to life threatening. Rumors have Patrick taking over as Cheif of Staff.

Jolu.. Ethan asks Lulu why she is with Johnny. Lulu finds out about what happened in the limo and dumps Johnny. Johnny begins to put his effort into getting Claudia away from Sonny. Maxie begins to flirt with Ethan which gets under Lulu's skin.

Ric... Ric begins to work both sides to get what he wants. Claudia is aware of his plan but can't do anything because she is being blackmailed. Ric makes Raynor and offer, he'll get the goods on Jason. Ric warns Sonny about at attempt to kill him. Ric tries to cozy up to Sonny, Claudia knows but can't tell Sonny without risk of her disasterly deeds coming out.

P.I... Spinelli and Sam will look into Rebecca's past.

Liason...Liz and Jason are rumored to of taped scenes where they discuss Rebecca.

JaSam... Jason and Sam will continue to work together. Sam gets caught tampering with evidence. Jason tampers with his wire at the mob summit. Sam destroys all evidence on Spinelli.

Spixie... Rumors say that Spinelli will finally realise what type of person she truly is and will wise up before she gets the chance to break his heart.

Rebecca... Lucky and Nik continue to fight about Rebecca. Nik wants to keep Rebecca away from Lucky but Lucky wants to hold on to her. Hearing more that Rebecca and Ethan are working for Helena and are regretting their assignments. Rebecca's health concerns Nik and Monica as they remember Emily's battle with Breast Cancer. Rebecca accepts Nik's help. Some rumors suggest Rebecca could end up with Breast Cancer. Rumors~ Is Helena mindcontrolling Emily?

CarJax... This is a heavy rumor but I'm hearing Jax takes off when he learns Brenda is in trouble. Carly gives up and finds comfort in Sonny's arms. Jax tells Olivia about the DVD. Rumors say Jax and Olivia will get closer and Kate warns Carly of this. Jax tells Carly that Jerry is alive but leaves the Claudia part out. The guilt of the secret begins to wear Jax thin. Carly has hope for the future.

Slaudia... The rumor about Claudia being pregnant is popping up again, most likely with a Whose the Daddy storyline to follow. Kate realises she isn't that over Sonny when they are trapped together. Johnny makes it clear to Sonny he will go to any length to protect his big sister.

Alexis... Alexis flirts with Raynor.

Carson... Carly and Sonny are rumored to be reconnecting after Michael wakes up.

Helena... Helena returns just in time for General Hospital's grand opening on April 13th.Helena manages to tamper with the hospital's computer system. According to TV Guide, "she will plunge the ceremony into darkness, then appear on the monitors to announce she’s back to raise hell and wreak vengeance on her grandson Nikolas. Chaos ensues."

Nik... Nik decides he should check in on Helena.


  • GREG RIKAART is not renewing his contract with Y&R and will be coming to GH in may


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