Monday, March 2, 2009

Spoilers 3/2 Update @ 4:30

Well theres about 14 inches of snow and counting outside, I had no school but still came to work where everyone else called out. lol

*Casting is now in progress for Kristina/Michael

L&L2... Lucky and Liz decide not to get back together.

CarJax... Jax has a secret that could destroy their marriage (i.e. Michael's shooting)

Rebecca... The Q's love the idea of having Rebecca around. Alexis finds no links between Rebecca and Emily.

Maxie.. Maxie takes extreme action to get Spinelli away from Winifred.

Slaudia.. Johnny begins to see that Claudia is falling for Sonny and he warns her against it. Robin wonders why Sonny is still with Claudia.



Jillian said...
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Jillian said...

Raynor gives jason an order: GET SONY (SoapZone)

Sam teams up with an unlikely partner in crime (SOAPNET)

Jillian said...

Rumors and spoilers @ GHOFS state that...

KeMo will continue to receive airtime even during her vegas show. There might be a Sam-centric storyline in the works that may be a lead in into JASAM! JASAM will be teaming up together yet again to save Spinelli... it seems this boy has a greater bond between the two of them than Jason's biological son Jake has between Jason and Liz =)!

Also... at a recent fan even Greg V (Lucky) said alot of cool things about the people he has had a chance to work on screen with. Of course the first thing he was asked about was the future of LnL2... he could give any spoilers or specifics... but he did saay that they would share airtime and the were definatly into one another again. This is a little proof to those that keep say LnL2 will not happen and LIASON is it! Not according to BH KM BH or GV!!! Hmmm... thought provoking!