Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spoilers 3/3

Nik... Nadine should be cutting ties with Nik this week.

Rebecca... Rebecca and Lucky's friendship may cause problems with Nik and Liz.

Michael... Carly gives the OK to perform that dangerous experimental treatment.
Michael doesn't wake up in March.

Spinelli... Spinelli and Winifred goes on the run. Maxie, Jason and Sam will all be looking for him.

MoC for JaSam??? Rumors say Sam finds herself in trouble and it's Jason's fault. MOC is supposedly the only way out.

Claudia... Ric has the upper hand over Claudia.

L&L2... Ethan notices Lucky and his family. He makes it a point to introduce himself to Elizabeth.

Johnny... Johnny starts a car repair service.


Anonymous said...

im sorry this is a stupid question but what is MOC

Sami said...
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Sami said...

Marriage of Convenience