Monday, March 30, 2009

Spoilers 3/30

CarJax... Carly begins to feel dizzy. I'm hearing that Carly will not become pregnant it is just a plot point for her to see Claudia. Carly is researching new procedures for Michael and finds a more riskier one where 2 out of 10 patients die from.

JaSam... Bernie lends his name for the PI company. Sam and Spinelli get their first case. Sam looks into Ethan's past.

Rebecca... . Nik and Rebecca get their first case. Rebecca is rumored to be blackmailed by Helena, what is it that Helena has over Rebecca's head? Her Brother. Another Rumor is that Rebecca has a child.

Claudia... Ric won't remember sleeping with Claudia once the news of her pregnancy comes out.

Spinelli calls Maxie the Bad Blonde One.

Dante... Rumor is that Claudia has met Dante before,
Dante already knows Claudia and was working for her in Italy. He's harbored a thing for his step-mommy since then and won't like that his long lost father is sharing her bed.

Ethan... Ethan is impressed when Lulu manages to Scam him.


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