Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spoilers 3/31

Casting... According to SOD both Ric Hearst and Megan Ward have been put on recurring status.

Jolu... Johnny and Lulu are said to be done. We should be getting a big breakup scene. The break-up will be over the Mob not Maxie. This opens the door for Johnny to go back to the mob, he'll return to his Zacharra roots and will be more like the Johnny we first met. Lulu has a plan so Johnny doesn't have to go on dates with Maxie for Crimson. Lulu plans on having Matt take Johnny's place.

McCall Jackal... Lucky stops by to congratulate Sam for achieving a dream. Alexis is also thrilled for Sam but Maxie isn't to happy.

Liason... Rumors say Jason isn't happy with Liz's friendship with Patrick.

Scrubs... Patrick rescues Robin from the water, he wonders if it was deliberate.
Patrick questions why Robin isn't taking her meds.

Ethan... Ethan meets Maxie, and Maxie begins to flirt with Ethan which gets under Lulu's skin.

Necca... Alexis worries that Nik is obsessed. Nik and Rebecca kiss on Nik's couch.

CarJax... After Carly tells Patrick what she saw he tells her it was an involuntary hand movement. Carly sees it as a sign Michael is getting better. Carly has hope for the future. Carly ponders the next step.

Ric... Jason pressures Ric to either tell the truth or to pay with his life.


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