Friday, March 13, 2009

Spoilers Friday the 13th of March

Scrubs... Robin is enjoying spending time with Brad in Rochester, but she does pull back when things start to get to intense. Patrick goes to Robin's motel and thinks he saw Robin and Brad kiss. Patrick talks to Liz about what he saw with Robin and tells her he thinks Robin has slept with someone. Robin returns home and tells Patrick everything, excluding Brad and admits she has PPD. Robin attempts to make Patrick feel better by saying she invited Lainey over, but Patrick assumes she hasn't told Lainey about the problem. Robin begins to open up to Lainey but starts to back peddle. Robin breaks down in Jason's arms on the dock. Scrubs begins to get better, Robin is willing to get help and Patrick vows to give her all the support she needs. Robin vents to Jason, and Patrick goes to Sonny for advice. Patrick tells Robin he knows shes keeping something from him. Robin makes a painful confession during her therapy. Robin's condition takes a life threatening turn.

Sonny and Claudia take it to the bedroom again.

Spinelli on the Run...
Winifred could have the answers to Spinelli's problems. Winifred risks a lot to help Spin. Alexis holds Winifred and Spinelli's fate.

CarJax... Carly begins to fear she'll ruin things with Jax. Jax and Carly have a heart-to-heart.

Michael is not an amnesiac like Jason. He still remembers his life but he hates his parents for going into a coma in the first place. Michael relates to Claudia and you could say they bond (the secret isn't out yet). Seems like Michael will develop a relationship with Claudia so when the truth comes off, he may not be after revenge. We'll see a lot of movement from a comatose Michael.


  • Rumor has it that Anthony Geary, Maurice Bernard, and Steve Burton are forming an allliance to protect their contract status'. Would Guza really drop these three? I can't imagine they have anything to worry about.
  • Rumors say that GH is offering Recurring deals just like contracts.
  • Rumor they want to rewrite Michael's paternity, making Jason his bio dad. Guza wants to shoot J&C flashbacks with Sarah as Carly and this is part of the never before seen on daytime thing. This would also help make the Kristina/Michael hook up less icky if Sonny is no longer playing Daddy to Michael.
  • Sam's hot tub and Crimson sets are gone, making way for new sets and the new hospital.
  • Rachel Melvin (Chelsea-DOOL) comes to GH in May

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