Thursday, April 2, 2009

4/2 Spoilers

Scrubs... Robin tells Kelly about the 'perfect' family in the park. Patrick accuses Robin of cheating in Puplic. Patrick and Robin take steps to work their problems out. Robin wants to stop taking her meds but her therapist warns her against it. Robin throws her meds away.

Ethan... Tracy becomes suspicious that Ethan is Luke's son after finding a picture of Ethan's of Robert and Luke.

Slaudia... Carly catches Claudia visiting Michael. Carly tells Claudia she isn't welcome there right in front of Sonny. Claudia spins the truth confessing how she feels about Michael. It's enough to keep Sonny off her case, after Carly leaves its all about the sex. Ric shows up and is ready to tell Sonny with the DVD. Sarah Brown Says "There's going to be fireworks during sweeps - that's all I can say!" Claudia and Olivia clash, Claudia doesn't like the closeness between her husband and Olivia and tells her to back off. Claudia threatens Olivia. Olivia knows Claudia is trying to get pregnant. Ric tells Sonny and Jason that Claudia is responsible. He tries to play the DVD for his brother, but what happened to it? Claudia seduces Sonny to try to conceive. Sonny catches Claudia in positions the higher the chance to get pregnant. Claudia tells him It's just Yoga. Johnny is horrified by Claudia's plan. Claudia learns that Jason knows Ian wasn't alone. Carly has suspicians when she sees Claudia with Kelly Lee. The DVD that Ric shows Sonny was tampered with and it points to someone else. Sonny orders a hit. Jerry lets Ric and Claudia know that he is in charge.

CarJax... Jerry calls Jax but Carly answers, Jerry assumes that Jax has told her about the contents of the DVD. Jerry mistakenly clues Carly in about a secret that Jax is hiding from her. Carly learns that if she were to have a baby she could have a stroke.

Spixie... Spinelli sees Johnny and Maxie kiss.

Rebecca... Nik is there for Rebecca after her biopsy and treats her to a special night.

JaSam... Jason helps Sam with the new PI business.

Jolu... Johnny and Lulu's relationship ends when Johnny admits about being attracted to Maxie. Lulu gets Matt to be Maxie's escort. Maxie than comes up with idea to substitute Matt for Ethan. Lulu doesn't want Ethan to go so she tells Maxie they already have a date. Kate chooses Matt to be Maxie's escort. Maxie is mad and Lulu feels like she's won. Ethan asks about their date. Lulu pushes to hire Matt permanently and tells Kate how much cheaper he'd be.

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