Monday, April 6, 2009

4/6 Spoilers

*For all of you that asked about the Steve Burton accident, I looked around but didn't find anything. I'll let you know if I find something.

JaSam... Rumors say Jason and Sam will be front and center in Ric's murder.

Michael... Jason informs Ric in front of Sonny that he is the prime suspect in Michael's shooting. Ric than has no choice but to tell Sonny that Devlin was hired by Claudia.

CarJax... Rumors say "Carly's baby won't make it. She is the
person who gets caught in the violence this time it is a hit ordered by Sonny and Jason is sent to do it. You will see a parallel story of Carly losing her baby while Claudia is getting news that she is pregnant. Carly goes into a short coma and when she wakes up, expect her to lose it. Sonny and Jason will feel exactly like Claudia after that, and they realize that killing Claudia would make them hypocrites." Jax is rumored to go to the dark side. Carly takes a pregnancy test with Jason there with her.

Rebecca... Rumors say Rebecca and Lucky hit the sheets. Helena sent Rebecca to town to bring the Cassadine out in Nik. Alexis vows to protect Nik. According to TC he has stated that Helena will be around for awhile.

Spixie... Rumors say that Maxie doesn't come out on top, Winnifred plans her next move, and Spinelli is out to prove himself.

Scrubs... Rumors say that after Robin crashes her car with baby Emma inside, she wil decide to go away for treatment.

Jolu... Lulu cries in Ethan's arms. Luke throws Johnny out of the haunted star after he had too much to drink.

Slaudia... Rumors say with Michael waking up Jason and Sonny stop looking into his shooting.

Pairs to Be Tested:

Matt and Maxie
Johnny and Maxie
Olivia and Sonny
Lulu and Ethan
Rebecca and Nikolas
Rebecca and Lucky
Jason and Elizabeth
Jason and Sam
Jax and Olivia


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