Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spoilers 4/1

* is reporting that Guiding Light has been Cancelled, but P&G are looking for a new home for the Soap. ASWT got picked up for one more year.

JoMax... Rumors say Johnny and Maxie become a couple. Rumors say Johnny and Maxie hit the sheets. Rumors say Johnny tells Sonny he hired Ian as payback for sonny locking him up.

Jolu... Lulu is rumored to turn to Ethan. Luke is disturbed by Ethan and Lulu's growin closeness.

Jackal McCall... Sam and Spinelli investigate Ethan. Sam tries to help boost Spin's confidence. Sam talks to Alexis and Jason about how good it feels to be independent. Maxie begins to feel left out.

Scrubs... Robin confronts Liz about the increasing amount of time she's spending with Emma and Patrick. Liz's offers to step back but Patrick tells her he needs her. Robin feels like she is losing her family and goes to desperate measures to hang onto them. Kelly suggests Robin meet Patrick in the Park and this is said to be where Robin witnesses the perfect little family (Patrick, Liz and Emma)

Clic... Jason things Ric and Claudia are hiding something.

Michael... Jax and Carly receive a second opinon from Dr. Hensen. Olivia suggest that Jax tells Carly the truth. Michael wakes up and disowns Carly, Sonny, and Jason. Claudia's secret is exposed. Sam tells Jason not to give up on Michael. Jason tells Sonny that Claudia isn't innocent in Michael's shooting. Jason goes to Sam for help tying Jerry to Michael's shooting.

Kristina... Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina is getting into trouble and she brushes it off.

Ric... Ric's future begins to like dim when his plans become more devious.

Rebecca... Alexis wants to dig deeper into Rebecca's past, Nik refuses to believe that there is anything suspicious about her. Rebecca's ties to Helena are revealed. Rebecca's true feelings for Nik tamper's with Helena's plan. Helena is NOT happy.

Spixie... Spinelli is hurt that Maxie used him and wants her to stay away from him and Winifred.

Slaudia... Claudia seduces Sonny, will she bring him a baby to replace the one she put into a coma?

Jerry... Jerry will let someone in on his plans.


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