Monday, April 13, 2009

Spoilers 4/13

*Helena's first appearance is today, I'm curious if it'll be the last 5 minutes.

  • Liz and Nik's scenes are said to be a plot point which ripples down to other couples.
  • Liz sees a close moment between Jason and Sam and heads to Jakes. Nik is also there because of Lucky and Rebecca's date. There are rumored to be drunken kisses but that is all.


  • Jason and Sam could go romantic at the end of May.
  • Sam and Spinelli work on a big investigation and they get in over their head. Jason helps them out. Jason's feelings come to light around this time.
  • There is an explosion set for Jerry and Jason is caught in the middle. Rumors say that Ric set the explosion up and it's Claudia to the rescue. Jason is injured and they share a moment.
  • Spinelli tells Jason Jerry is alive and living off of Ian's bank accounts. Sonny orders Jason to kill Jerry.

  • There will be a big story about who Ethan's parents and his true identity. Lucky and Liz are involved in this s/l and it's said to be Lucky's biggest s/l since his drug addiction. Robin and Patrick are said to be pulled into this s/l.
  • Helena will share scenes with Ethan.
  • Ethan is Holly's but didn't raise him, Helena did.
  • Carly chooses to keep the baby, but when Michael gets better she wonders if it was a correct choice.
  • Carly talks to Olivia about her pregnancy risks.

  • Patrick and Robin will be involved in Michael's s/l. Michael will suffer serious side effects.
  • Jax finds Jerry in Michael's room and demands answers.

  • Alexis will have little involvement in the Jerry/Michael shooting storyline.
  • Alexis' main s/l will involve Sorased Kristina.
  • Jerry is not in town for long but long enough to hand over a DVD that wasn't tampered with. Jerry will leave PC alive.

  • Spinelli tells Maxie he is done. Maxie goes to Sam for advice, but Sam sides with Spinelli. Maxie watches Spinelli move on. Maxie will be broken up over what happens with Spinelli which leads her to Johnny for a time. She will be back with Spinelli after she and Johnny realize it's not meant to be. Maxie's revenge planning starts.
  • Helena shows up at Wyndemere, and it's just like old times.
  • Nik and Rebecca celebrate her test results with Ice Cream.
  • Tracy learns that Helena is in town, and Luke is suspicious.
  • Helena checks out the Haunted Star.
  • Claudia's secret it revealed.
  • Sonny tells Claudia she will pay if she had anything to do with Michael's shooting. Claudia offers to leave, but Sonny convinces her to stay. Sonny has her stay for his own agenda. Claudia tries to gain Jason's trust. After Ric tries to expose Claudia he finds Jerry waiting for him.
  • Robin crashes her car and then heads out of town for her treatment. The crash finally make Robin realize how serious this is. Emma is in the car but both are said to be OK. Around this time is when Robin decided to stop taking her Meds. With Robin gone, Patrick needs to learn to be a full time Dad.
  • Robin tells Kelly she didn't like the image of Liz and Patrick like a happy family in the park.
  • Patrick confides in Coleman.

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Anonymous said...

I get so excited when I read stuff about JaSam!!! I can't wait for them to be a couple again. I really want this month & next month to go by fast so I can start watching them as a couple. So how accurate is this info?