Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spoilers 4/7

Slaudia... Sonny receives a DVD in the mail. Someone tampers with the evidence before Sonny sees it. Jerry tells Claudia she may of escaped this time, but she'll never know when the next DVD will drop.

The Hospital... GH should be opening next week.

Jerry... Sebastian Roche doesn't get killed off, Jerry comes to town to ensure that Claudia doesn't get away with murder. Jerry targets Ric and Claudia. Jerry tells Claudia her secret is safe for now. Jerry will only be on for a handful of episodes. Jerry tells Ric and Claudia he is calling the shots.

Helena... Helena makes her grand appearance on the monitors after she cuts the power to GH.

Jolu... Johnny returns to the mob to protect Claudia.

Jax leaves Jerry with a warning. Carly shatters Jax's happiness.

Rebecca... Nik sees Rebecca and Helena together. Rebecca confides in Monica.

Spam... Bernie helps Sam and Spinelli.

Daytime Dial

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