Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spoilers 4/8

*Greg Vaughn is said to of gone to see Peep Show Opening Night. What a supportive cast mate.

Robin is upset when she overhears Patrick talking to Liz about her. Robin gets into a car accident but will Emma be with her? Liz continues to help Patrick with Emma. Robin will begin to get very lonely.

Ethan... One rumor out right now is that Ethan is an Eckert. Tracy wants more information about Ethan.

JaSam... Jason and Sam help eachother out of a sticky situation. The sticky situation is said to get Jerry, Claudia, Carly and Olivia in trouble. Secrets will be revealed to the wrong people. Sam begins to investigate Rebecca.

Rebecca... Liz helps convince Nik, that maybe Rebecca is hiding something and is working with Helena. Rebecca is caught meeting with Helena.

Jolu... Johnny ends it with Lulu. Johnny feels to guilty about Michael, and uses Maxie as the excuse for ending thing.

Jason starts to believe that Ric is the one that shot Michael, so he has no other choice but to out Claudia. Like has been said before, the DVD has been tampered with. Will this make Ric look guiltier?

CarJax... Carly learns she is pregnant, but it could kill her.

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