Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spoilers 4/9

Helena... Helena wants a painting from Wyndemere. "Helena kills two birds with one stone."

Ric... Ric's finds out his DVD has been tampered with when he tries to show Sonny. Ric starts to think it's better for him if he leaves. Alexis confronts Ric. Ric comes home to Jerry waiting for him.

Slaudia... Sonny finds out Carly is pregnant and once again states he doesn't want anymroe kids. Claudia works real hard to convince Jason she is innocent. Claudia is shocked that she is pregnant and is glad she bought herself time. Claudia learns that she is pregnant the same time Sonny learns the truth from Jerry. Sonny stops short before killing her. Sonny tells Claudia she can stay. Jax stops Sonny from revealing the truth about Michael's shooting.

Sason... Sonny orders Jason to kill Jerry.

Lulu... Lulu wants Maxie to move out. Lulu plays a dangerous game with Ethan. Luke and Tracy try to stop the romance from happening between Lulu and Ethan. Lulu is horrified to learn that Ethan could be her brother. Matt kisses Lulu.

Ethan... Ethan tries to leave town. Holly introduces Luke to her son Ethan.

Kate... Kate and Olivia have a real talk about the past.

Alexis... Alexis confides in Sam about Kristina and Molly. Alexis gets a call from Kristina's school. Kristina moves in with Sam.

Maxie... Spinelli sees Maxie kiss Johnny, and tells her off. Maxie tries to win Spin back but her trick aren't working. Maxie goes to Sam for help. Maxie thinks she's pregnant.

CarJax... Carly can't fully enjoy her pregnancy. She's heartbroken to learn that Jax could lose another child. Carly goes to the emergency room. 4/21 Jax is happy when he learns Carly is pregnant.

Scrubs... Patrick tells Robin he knows she cheated. Matt, Maxie, along with Liz will help Patrick. Robin begins to recover. Robin and Patrick may have to perform emergency surgery and they don't check their issues at the door.

Jerry... Jerry visits Michael, Jax finds him there. Spinelli learns Jerry is alive when he digs into Devlin's bank accounts.

Nik... Rumors say that Nik and Liz end up kissing at Jake's. As a result Lucky and Rebecca hit the sheets. Nik wants answers from Rebecca and Helena. 4/21 Rebecca tells Nik to stay away from her.

Michael... Edward offers help to Michael.

Liason... Jason tells Liz that Michael's reaction makes him know he made the right choice in letting Jake go. Liz is hurt by Jason and his actions.

Rebecca... Lucky and Rebecca are caught having sex.

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