Monday, June 8, 2009


Got us some Jasam today thats a treat....well not much to post yet!!


Lulu is NOT covering for Matt. Ethan is not getting jealous. Or mad. Or whatever. He does go into big brother mode in a few days but not over Matt.
He's also not catching her in a towel. All fanfic by people who are hoping against hope that there is still hope.


Not a thing. Nothing on Jolu. Lulu tells Nik to make a hasty retreat from his relationship, Rebecca goes off on Lulu and Ethan gets in the middle of it. He's protective of Lulu but in a big brotherly way.
Who is Lulu's love story?
Insider on SD: An old friend of one of her brothers comes to town and they hit it off immediately.
Is Jolu really done?
For the time being, yes, I think they are. They just really don't have ANYTHING coming up.


He thinks Ric is the father of the baby. She says he's not. He doesn't believe her. She says she's leaving, he says she's not going anywhere. I think he actually tells her to get out first but then he changes his mind about that but by this point she's mad and leaving anyway, he tells her he won't let her leave, things escalate. She throws something at him. He ducks, she throws something else and misses, she starts to throw something else and he catches her hand. before she can throw it and they have wall sex.

Anything on Jasam romantically? Anything? a look, touch???
Insider on SD: I've heard that Jasam is THE STORY but I don't know about anything coming up for them romantically.
Confused...Jasam is the story romantically? Or you just don't have anything right now romantically for them?
Insider on SD: They are suppose to be the story romantically but I don't know of anything coming up that is romantic in their story.

Morgan wants Carly and Sonny back together.
He's a manipulative little cuss.
Michael's anger issues continue once he goes home. Jax is an insensitive asshole(Sorry but he really thinks that the kid who has been in a coma for a year needs to just get a grip and behave for Mom's sake, even though doctors are telling them that Michael's impulse control is out of whack. Eventually it blows up, Michael moves out, and Carly is very upset with Jax about how it works out.)

Have anything on Liason beyond the scenes they share this week?
Insider on SD: Not that I can think of right now. Lucky/Liz are going to be involved in the ERN (as in we're all going to earn those ulcers this storyline causes) story.
Do you know anything specific about the Jason/Liz scenes this week? Do they get any alone time to talk w/out Michael?
Insider on SD: They do but its very brief and they only discuss Michael and his outburst. Nothing else

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