Monday, June 15, 2009

Spoilers 6/15

Ethan & Rebecca...
  • Ethan and Rebecca will continue to have each others back throughout the summer. One has the opportunity to leave but does not do so because they'd be leaving one of them behind. Where did all this trust come from, I mean they did meet during a con???
  • Liz and Tracy witnesses Ethan and Rebecca together and begins to have a lot of questions.
Euthanasia S/L...
  • One character will be apart of an Euthaniasia s/l where she will have an assisted death and it will bring some interesting news to the Cassadine family. I'm hearing this will be apart of Martha Byrne's character. The Birth Certificate Helena received from the painting will play into this.
Luke has been Kidnapped!!!
  • I'm hearing that Luke will appear in September with Helena, Lucky and Ethan as they rescue him.
  • Lulu tells Tracy to give up on Luke, but Ethan is the one to convince her something might be wrong and tells her to give him time.
  • Tracy sends Sam to look for Luke, Sam brings Jason along.
  • Helena begins blackmailing Rebecca, Helena shows Ethan proof she has him and she will only let him go if Rebecca follows through with the con.
Slaudia +1...
  • Claudia puts up quite the stir when she realizes Miss Olivia Falconeri was the first to have Sonny's child.
  • Ethan knows Dante from the past, Dante saved him once. When Lulu meets Dante she believes he is her Soul Mate but that is not something Ethan wants for his sister.
  • Jason and Sam should lock lips the 15-16th of July.
  • Sam gets a new PI case.
Alexis, Ric, Sam...
  • Ric gets involved with Andrea and the Mayor. Ric wants his previous job back and is using the power of the mayor to get it. The heat comes down on Alexis when the mayor and Andrea start receiving backlash so they bring up the Mayor and Alexis' affair. Andrea sets up Alexis. Sam feels that it is her fault because Alexis only slept with the Mayor because Sam slept with Ric. Alexis tells Sam that everyone is responsible for their own actions and this begins to motivate Sam.
  • The Mayor calls a press conference.
  • Kristina tells Alexis all her life she has tried not to disappoint Alexis but Alexis is one big hypocrite.
  • Kristina starts to be in Sonny's orbit more after learning about her mother and the mayor. Sonny does his best to defend Alexis. Alexis prepares Molly for the worst. Sonny gives Kristina attention but not the kind she wants. Kristina hates Claudia. Kristina doesn't feel that Alexis is a safe place and is made her mother put herself in this situation.
Kristina, Michael & Morgan...
  • Alexis believes that Michael is the bad influence on Kristina.
  • Johnny and Michael meet up at Jake's.
  • Michael is upset when Sonny won't let him in the business so Daddy buys him a sports car.
  • Carly decides it would be best if Michael lives with the Q's.
  • Michael fights with Kiefer.
  • Morgan is missing.
  • Jason and Johnny are able to kill all the gun man but Dominic is able to get away. Dominic snatches Morgan but Carly is able to convince him to leave Morgan. Claudia is not happy when Dominic shows up at the door looking for help when he is wounded.


Monica C. said...

Alexis slept with the mayor?! I definitely do not remember that happening

Sami said...

They are just rewriting history. Back then there was never a mention of that.

Anonymous said...

I just want JaSam back. I've been waiting years to see these 2 get back together. I thought they made the perfect couple. They both accepted each other for who they were & could just be themselves around each other. They need to speed things up with these 2. September is too long of a wait. I thought this adventure they were going on was going to be hot which was said to happen starting this week. whats up with that, anybody know?

Sami said...

Hopefully the writers keep us from wanting more than boring us to death with the slow pace.