Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spoilers 6/23

  • New Promo's being worked on for the summer and one is JaSam HEAVY!.
  • July 13th Jasam Kiss. It's business only. And Jason lets it be known afterwords.
  • Sam tries to play match maker for Maxie and Spin. `
  • Sam overhears Liz and Rebecca arguing and steps in and tells Rebecca to back off. Both Sam and Liz are kind of surprised at it, and head to Jake's and have a nice drink and conversation about the past. Both are shocked at what they say where love is concerned.
  • Edward thinks he can have Edward and Michael back in his presence.
  • Lucky starts to question whether he really wants to be with Liz and the children after all. That is, after meeting with Sam again and talking about their unresolved issues that lead to their break up.
  • Liz suspects Lucky is back to drugs, and echoes that concern to Sam and asks Sam to investigate Ethan further, what Sam finds stuns both women.

  • Luke is rescued and comes home in November.
  • Rebecca and Ethan hit the sheets again this summer.
  • Rumors say a new girl could be coming and ending up a love interest for Ethan and may have past ties with Lucky. Rumors say Lucky knows the girl from when Helena kidnapped him and she is currently with Luke.
  • Ethan learns that Rebecca truly loves Nik.
  • Carly suffers another health scare.
  • Jax attempts to blackmail Claudia but it backfires.
  • No one will let Michael into the Business.
  • Dominic knows Ethan, Johnny and Obviously Claudia.
  • Dominic hides in Claudia's room and Kristina finds him.
  • July 7th Dominic is revealed to be Olivia and Sonny's son, Dante SOD has confirmed.
Political Scandal...
  • Alexis slept with Mayor Floyd BEFORE Sam and Ric's affair. She was heading to the safehouse that night to confess about her tryst when she saw Ric and Sam together. Kristina tells Molly and she later asks Alexis if that's why her daddy left town.
  • Pat and Matt step into Ric's trap. They hire him as their lawyer.
  • Andrea Slaps Mac.
  • Ric realizes there is nothing left for him and just leaves PC.

Love Scenes:

June 22nd Johnny/Olivia; NuNem (FTB)

June 29th Spin/Maxie

July 6th Sonny/Claudia (FTB)

July 13th Jason/Sam (just a kiss) ; Diane/Max (FTB)

July 20th Scrubs (FTB)

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