Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spoilers 6/24

  • Dominic asks Kristina for help getting out of Sonny's house.
  • Kristina notices Dominic taking pills on more then one occasion.
  • Claudia gets in the middle when Johnny and Dominic are at odds.
  • Dominic/Dante could be a love interest for Lulu.
  • Dominic knows Sam.
  • Jax wants Carly to leave town.
  • Liz and Jason may deeply reconsider keeping Jake's a paternity a secret after they meet Dante.
  • Rumors say Jason bumps into Lulu and Jake.
  • Hearing that the next few weeks they'll be setting up how Liz will never fit into Jason's life and you will even hear him acknowledge to Sam that they never could have worked, even without the danger.
  • Big Hints coming about Sam's father???
  • Hearing JaSam gets closer in July/August, there is a slight detour for them in Early September but fast on track at the end of September.
  • Just when Nik is about to walk away, Rebecca realizes he isn't a con to her anymore.
  • Rebecca accuses Liz of wanting Nik all to herself. This is when the big "cat fight" happens.
  • Johnny leads Jason to a Zacharra hide out.
  • Olivia and Sonny are about to kiss but someone walks in.
Political Scandal...
  • Andrea eavesdrops on Robin.
  • Rumors say the affair Alexis had with the mayor was recent, since Jerry left town.
Michael & Kristina...
  • Tracy finds Kristina in the boathouse about to lose her virginity Rumors say it could be with Dominic. Alexis is upset she doesn't want Kristina to have a baby so young like she did with Sam.
  • Robin and Kristina talk about their moms.
  • Jason catches Michael as he is about to buy a gun. (Didn't this kid learn his lesson)
  • Ethan has been working for Helena since he came to Port Charles. Helena got Ethan to pick Rebecca up at the airport to start the con. He doesn't know she has Luke. Ethan gets upset when Helena won't give Luke back until she gets what she wants.

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