Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spoilers 6/25

  • Love Story in the horizon for Jason and Sam as soon as Kemo has her full time taping schedule.
  • See SOW Quote in Michael & Kristina.
  • While on the run looking for Kristina and Michael their relationship takes a sudden change. JaSam fans will by very happy by the time they return. "The trip changes everything for them"
Quote from SID
"Baggage: Considering the brain damage that left him emotionally stunted, it's a miracle that Jason can even love at all. Nevertheless, Robin, Courtney, Sam, and Liz were able to reach his "stone cold" heart and irrevocably melt it. Having had a taste of those feelings in the past, now it'she difficult for Jason to deny himself.

Room Service: Jason needs a woman for whom his dangerous lifestyle isn't a problem. Unfortunately, as long as Liz has kids to look out for, she can't afford that risk. However, feisty Sam, who enjoys life on the edge so much she became a private eye, is indeed a better match. And, she's available."

  • Claudia feels the walls caving in on her and decides to make another drastic decision.

  • Patrick talks to Spinelli about improving Spin's singing voice.
  • Spinelli tells Maxie he won't sleep with her.
SOW Summer Preview:
"Get ready for a summer of love for Maxie and Spinelli! Their relationship will finally be defined as a romance."

Political Scandal...
  • Andrea plants unfavorable emails.
  • Patrick and Matt hire Ric to represent them.
  • Rayner could be popping up again.
  • Metro Court camera's lead to a big break in the case.
Sow Summer Preview:
"One of the most beloved characters will become the No. 1 suspect in the murder of the mayor's mistress. Robin will make it her mission to clear this persons name, and Patrick will support her every step of the way. The only downside to investigating a murder? The real killer might try and get rid of you!"

  • Carly thinks its best if Michael lives with the Q's but later starts to rethink the decision.
  • Rebecca and Nik are watching scary movies cuddling up on the couch when Rebecca sees Ethan looking through the window. Rebecca sneaks away to tell Ethan to scram! Ethan wants reassurance for Rebecca that she is still on his team so he asks for a kiss, and a kiss is what he gets. Ethan then goes to Jake's and starts a fight with Lucky over the phone. When Rebecca is with Ethan, Liz makes an unexpected visit with a warning. Liz is shocked when Nik says he's serious about Rebecca and is planning taking there relationship to the next level. When Rebecca returns they make love and Nik asks her to move in with him. Rebecca happily accepts, of course. They are soon interrupted by a drunk Ethan who wants to come back to Wyndemere. Rebecca has to make yet another excuse to leave Nik. Liz being aware of Ethan's call to Lucky tracks Ethan down. Ethan is very drunk but will he spill all??
  • Rumors Ethan is just like his dad, a rapist?
SOW Summer Preview:
"Hell hath no fury like a con artist scorned. Rebecca's in a pressure-cooker, caught between her alliance with Ethan and her feelings for Nikolas. Ethan's not willing to lose Rebecca, and threatens to tell Nikolas everything. Keep watching to see if he makes good on his threats."

  • According to Chrissie's twitter "Mercedes might get into some trouble on "General Hospital" today. Check it out! ;)"
  • Dominic goes to Kristina for help. He wants her to help him get into Sonny's.
  • Dominic starts working for Sonny.
  • If Dominic is truly Dante, Lulu's big love story will involve him.
SOW Summer Preview:
"Olivia will go to desperate measures to keep Dante away from Sonny-especially once she finds out that he's working for Sonny! This will cause a huge rift in Olivia and Dante's relationship. Meanwhile, Sonny makes a full-court press for Olivia, despite her growing closeness to Johnny. Just when it looks like Olivia may give in to her feelings for Sonny, a devastating accident changes everything!"

  • Johnny takes Jason to a Zacharra hiding spot.
Michael & Kristina...
  • Molly begins to worry about Kristina.
  • Kristina learns her mom isn't perfect and repeatably lets her know it.
  • Rumor Michael takes the blame when Kristina accidentally hits Kate while driving. Kate says some things to Sonny that he can't make out before she is sedated. (Dante?)
Sow Summer Preview:
"Michael and Kristina will be involved in a tragic event that takes them on the road and away from Port Charles. Sam and Jason will work together to track them down, which will bring them closer than they've been in a while. Expect things to get hot for everyone's favorite adventure couple."

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