Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spoilers 7/1

*Well I hope the weather is better where you are then here. It hasn't stopped raining since I got back from vacation June 10. Beginning to feel like I'm in Forks Washington. Edward Where are you???? lol

  • Upcoming scenes are said to finally close liason for good. Jason addresses that he and Liz would never of worked.
  • Jason lets Dante know that he does not want him near Sam and warns him against it. Dante finds it very amusing. Sam eventually learns of this.
  • Sam's attire knocks Jason out.
  • They will be hinting at Nik and Liz but I don't think anything is going to come of it but they do lock lips again!
  • Lulu, Liz and Sam gang up on Rebecca Olivia comes to Rebecca's rescue at Jake's.
  • Helena has Luke and someone else capitive as well, rumors say it is Nik's daughter that he had while a teenager.
Political Scandal...
  • Matt's role in the s/l will eventually deepen. Alexis loses her job, Kristina worries how far her mother will go to keep her image. Molly is scared she's losing her family. Alexis comes to the conclusion she was set up. Alexis goes to the Mayor and realises he's not the killer just a manipulative jerk. Alexis turns to Patrick, Robin and Sam for advice. Sam and Alexis bond. lexis and Sonny have it out, come to some kind of terms with the past. Alexis does some time behind bars. Alexis worries about her girls. Jerry offers his help, but Alexis shies away from him. Rumors say Andrea's deception is revealed but before they can close the chapter book, they realize she's can't be the murderer. Enter Mercedes. Whose way too close to Robin and Patrick's home.
  • Molly appears on screen next week where she will be reading Carolyn Hennesy's Pandora book for children.
  • SOD is reporting that GH is looking to cast a well known prime time actor for the role of Uncle Rudy.
  • Claudia schemes to humiliate Olivia.
  • Carly hears Jax and Claudia's conversation.
  • Dominic makes an appearence at Sonny's while Carly is there.
The Big Accident...
  • A tragic event involving Kiefer forces Michael and Kristina to go on the run withJason and Sam in pursuit. Dante and Ronnie to be in on the action and Jerry Jax offers his help.
  • Maxie tells Matt that her and Spin are officially together.
  • Colemon takes there advice and spice things up at Jake's.
  • Michael causes Claudia to miscarry.
  • Claudia makes her way to Dante.
  • Olivia is mad that Dante is sleeping with the enemy.
  • Johnny Olivia Sonny Triangle.
  • Kate calls Olivia from France to tell her she isn't coming back.
  • Jax takes over Crimson.
  • Someone gets a proposal.

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