Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spoilers 7/14 UPDATED

* wow me and my bf have been together for 4 1/2 years today. You know what I get for it? I'm taking him to Harry Potter. Not really my cup of tea lol.

  • Sebastian Roche has been taping numerous scenes on the green screen.
  • Alexis is rumored to punch and knee Jerry in the groin.
  • Sebastian is taping scenes with Steve.
  • Carly faints and is rushed to the hospital.
  • Carly is put on bed rest.
  • Rumors say Carly's new condition is that she is carrying twins.
  • Rumors say Carly starts having heart problems.
  • Carly's stress levels are high so Jax tries to keep what happened to Michael away from Carly but she find out.
  • Sonny regrets the way he's treated Claudia.
  • Robin and Patrick tell Claudia her options.
  • Claudia has to chose between surgery and her baby.
  • Surgery is performed.
  • Claudia is said to lose the baby, and then she vows to kill whoever is responsible.
  • Jason and Sam have info on the shooting that Jerry wants to keep silent.
  • Jerry faces the music about his actions towards Jason and Sam but not action is taken because of Carly's pregnancy.
  • Rumors say after Liz learns how close Jason and Sam have become she tells Nik that Jason never stopped loving Sam. The rumor continues to say that Liz purposely used Jake to come between Jason and Sam because she knew how much he cared for her. She admits that she kept Jake from Jason to hold onto Lucky. This happens after Lucky leaves town. Liz admits that allowing Jason to see Jake is the only way she can make it right.
  • Kristina will be talking on the phone while driving. Is this how she causes the accident.
  • Jerry helps Kristina and its shocking.
  • Ethan pressures Rebecca for $10,000
  • Rebecca moves in with the Q's and Edward gives Rebecca a loan.

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