Monday, July 27, 2009

Spoilers 7/27

  • Kristina doesn't like it when she realizes that Sam is falling for Jason again and gets involved.
  • Sam bumps into Jerry.
  • Sam trades herself in place of Kristina.
  • Jerry has plans for Sam. He mistreats her and uses her as bait for Jason.
  • Jerry is rumored to have buried Sam alive. Jason finds her and Jerry gets away.
  • Just read a rumor that says JaSam will happen no matter what by Aug 18. Hope it's true.
  • Heavy Rumor... Jason saves Sam but Jerry manages to shoot Sam. Where? The back of her head.
  • Michael feels like he doesn't fit with his family.
  • Edward and Rebecca are arrested thanks to a practical joke by Michael.

  • Earlier rumors suggesting Dante is a federal agent may be correct. The rumors are popping up again.
  • Rumors say that Olivia knows that Dante is undercover that is why she said "If Sonny finds out what your doing, he'll kill you"
  • Dante intercepts a call that was meant for Johnny.
  • Johnny confides in Olivia but doesn't know Dante is in the closet.
  • Ethan tricks Rebecca into telling Nik the truth.
  • Nik blows up in front of many people telling her he wishes he'd never have met her.
  • Rebecca convinces Michael to go back to the Q's when she finds him about to jump off the docks.
  • Rumors say Nik and Liz share another kiss in August.
  • Rumors say Rebecca goes to Lucky when she suspects Liz and Nik are sleeping together.
  • Lucky walks in on a awkward moment between Nik and Liz.
  • Rebecca's secret comes out the week of August 10th. She and Liz have it out over Nik after Liz learns the truth. Lucky questions Alfred about where Liz/Nik are.
  • Lucky and Rebecca become friends but Lucky wants Liz, and Rebecca wants Nik.
  • Ethan will start suspecting that Luke is in real trouble.
  • Ethan is more protective of Lulu than Lucky.
  • Lucky tries to keep Dominic/Dante away from Lulu.
  • Dante asks Lulu out on a date and she accepts. Ethan Crashes the party.
  • Lulu is rumored to keep Dante's big secret.
  • Claudia vows revenge.
  • Claudia tells Sonny she wants a memorial service for their son.
  • Claudia is closer to learning Dante and Olivia's secrets. Dante has a few of his own.
  • Johnny is in the middle of Olivia and Claudia's rivalry over Sonny.
  • Claudia uses Sonny's grief over their baby to her advantage.
  • Claudia learns about Sonny's history of mental health.
  • Carly walks in while Claudia is threatening Olivia.
  • Claudia tells Michael she forgives him and invites him to stay with them.
  • Johnny is disgusted when he learns Claudia is still planning on getting revenge on Michael.

The Accident...
  • Rumors say that neither Alexis, Kristian or Michael caused the accident. There were 2 other cars on the road.
  • Rumors say that Kiefer now caused the accident while chasing Tara.
  • They rule out Michael as the driver but assumes that Kristina did it because of the damage to the car.
  • Everyone soon realizes Alexis confesses to protect Kristina.
  • Andrea learns that Alexis is protecting Kristina and uses it to blackmail her into getting her name and her husband's name out of suspicion for Brianna's death.
  • Robin's life is in danger when she tries to clear Alexis.
  • Alexis wants Robin to mind her own business.
  • New Rumors say Carly calls Jerry and gets him to track down the kids.
  • Twists coming in Kristina/Kiefer relationship.
  • Sonny grieves for the daughter he believes he lost, Kristina.
  • Carly defends Jason to Nik then doubles over in pain.

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