Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spoilers 7/28

  • Jerry goes to Save the kids.
  • He knows Jason will be on the trail so he decides to wait and take out Jason when he comes.
  • Kristina gets caught in the middle, and Sam offers herself as a replacement.
  • Jerry figures Jason will come after Sam and he doesn't want to hurt the kids.
  • Jason goes after Jerry and gets Hurt, but saves Sam.
  • The teens return, Jerry is MIA and JaSam team up to track Jerry down.
  • Maxie questions Sam's feelings for Jason.
  • Jason is suspicious of Dante and wants Sam's help.

  • Ethan learns that Luke left without his passport at the end of August.
  • Ethan and Lucky go off to find Luke in September.
  • When Ethan is trying to keep Dante away from Lulu he lets it slip that he and Rebecca met before getting to PC.
  • Ethan doesn't give away the con, but Liz confronts Rebecca.
  • Rebecca goes to Nik to cover her story.
  • Rebecca tells Nik that Ethan is making stories up because he is stalking her.
  • Rebecca admits that she met Ethan at the airport bar but she says she completely forgot about it.
  • Rebecca lets it slip that her and Ethan met in the bar and she talked about going to PC to meet the family of her long lost sister.
  • Liz is there to help Nik out. Nik admits that it was like having Emily back, but it feels like he lost her all over again.
  • Dante thinks Lulu is hot.
  • Lulu learns Dante is in the mob and refuses to go down that road again.
  • Ethan and Lucky forbid Lulu from seeing Dante so what does she do. She goes on a date with him to show her brothers.
  • She learns a secret and is stuck. If she tells Dante will be killed but if she doesn't Sonny, Jason, and Spinelli could end up in a boat load of trouble. (Sounds to me Dante is a Fed)
  • Kiefer blackmails Kristina.
  • Kristina wants to confess
  • Claudia finds dirt on Dante.
  • Sonny agrees to have a real marriage to Claudia.
  • Sonny discusses Kristina living with him if Alexis goes to Jail.
  • Jax finally tears into his brother.
  • Jerry wants to help Alexis.
  • Sam asks Spinelli for help.
  • Rumors say "
    Huge episdose third Wednesday in August has a montage ending with FBI raiding a Sason warehouse, Jerry doing something really nasty to Sam, Nik and Liz having sex at the Spencer house and Rebecca giving Michael CPR."

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