Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spoilers 7/30

  • Rumors say Lucky wants to move forward with Liz, but Liz isn't ready.
  • Mac becomes privy to a secret.
  • Johnny witnesses something he shouldn't of.
  • Olivia goes behind Dante's back.
  • Johnny, who is beginning to really fall for Olivia, is getting a little fed up with Sonny sniffing around his woman.
  • Johnny confides to Olivia but to bad Dante is in the closet and hears it all.
  • Olivia attempts to push Sonny out of her life.
  • Jason lands himself in trouble.
  • Jerry gets an upper hand over Jason.
  • Sam finds Jason just in time.
  • Does Jason tell Sam that he loves her??? Rumors say she is unconscious though.
  • Nik makes a discovery.
  • Nik wants the truth about Rebecca.
  • New rumors say Rebecca is a fed and knows Dante.
  • Nik goes to GH and asks Liz to go for drinks at Jake's after her shift. They drink, play pool and slow dance.
  • Dante used to be a cop for NYC. He was promoted to detective when he brought down crocked cops. Dante managed to infiltrate the mob so the FBI recruited him for an even bigger job.
  • Lulu finds out that Dante is a fed and Olivia's son. She does not rat him out but does confide in a family member who worries for her safety.
  • Maxie defies Mac by accepting Spinelli's proposal.
  • Spinelli goes to Scrubs house for a 'Family' dinner
Michael & Kristina...
  • Michael convinces Kristina that Jerry can't be trusted.
  • Neither Kristina, Michael or Kiefer caused the accident.
  • Sonny and Claudia agree to make their marriage work but Sonny still wants Olivia.
  • Sonny and Claudia have a heart to heart.
  • Sonny and Claudia decides to give the marriage a go but he wants to take things slow.
  • Alexis is in big trouble.
  • Jax has Alexis' car inspected.

"One relationship begins when FORBID is said.
One relationship continues in bliss while on the hunt for the truth.
One relationship begins again while danger lurks.
One relationship is very rocky once truths come out.
One relationship has so many against it, it may not last.
One relationship is haulted during an intimate moment.
One relationship has a man stuck with one woman and lusting after another.
One relationship never really began, but will finally end with an act of betrayal.
One relationship begins when misunderstandings lead to anger which ignites passion.
One relationship struggles when both parties try to hard to prove themselves.
One relationship is very deceiving until someone is hurt"

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