Friday, July 31, 2009

Spoilers 7/31

  • Jerry is one step ahead of Sam.
  • Jerry makes a move on Sam.
  • Jerry and Jason engage in a deadly fight.
  • Jerry appears to be the winner.
  • Jerry Taunts a trapped Jason.
  • Sam finds Jason shot.
  • Rumors say Sam hides Jason at a house in Mexico.
  • Jason finds himself in a situation where his true feelings come out.
  • Does Sam have another secret?
  • Is Sam going to have another BFF??? Rumors say that Rebecca will be spending a lot of time with JaSam and she may even get close to Sam.
  • Sam promises Alexis she'll look over Molly and Kristina.
  • Sam goes to Jason for help clearing Alexis' name.
  • When Lucky learns the truth he asks Liz for advice on whether he should confront Rebecca or go to Nik.
  • Liz tells him to go straight to Nik.
  • Liz finds herself torn between Lucky and Nik.
  • Liz convinces Nik to bring Spencer home.
  • Nik admits to lingering feelings for Liz for a while.
  • Rebecca has it out with Lulu and Liz.
  • Tequila helps Nik and Liz let lose.
  • Nik turns to the dark side, and Liz is there to help him through it.
  • Olivia demands that Dante go back to Brooklyn and get a new assignment.
  • Dante is horrified when he sees his Mom about to sleep with Johnny.
  • Olivia works to cover her tracks on why Dante would be at her house.
  • Dante leaves.
  • Dante has a secret that will arise conflict.
  • Olivia learns her son's true agenda during an argument.
  • Dante reveals that he is a fed working to take down the Corinthos Organization.

On The Run...
  • Michael and Kristina go down the wrong ally and ends up surrounded by thugs who want their money
  • Unluckily Jerry comes to the teens Defense.
  • Michael tries to convince Kristina that Jerry cannot be trusted.
  • Kiefer overreacts.
  • Michael won't go down without a fight.
  • Sonny tries to make up for lost time with Kristina, but too little to late for Kristina.
  • Sonny tells Claudia he has mixed feelings for her.
  • Claudia sets her sights on someone new.
  • Sonny loses it when he meets Kiefer.
  • Claudia tries to stop Jerry but he has a plan of his own.
  • Sonny confides in someone that he is planning a divorce.
  • Sonny explains his feelings to Claudia.
  • Sonny decides its best to take things slow with Claudia.
  • Claudia is determined to have another baby.
  • Michael meets an old friend of Sonny's.
  • Uncle Rudy arrives just in time to help Claudia and Johnny in a big way.

  • Olivia pushes Sonny out of her life.
  • Olivia wrestles with her feelings.

  • Jax gets the help of Max and Morgan to help Carly stay relaxed.
  • Morgan acts out for attention.
  • Carly collapses.
  • Alexis confides in Diane the truth about the accident.
  • Alexis will do anything to protect Kristina.
  • Jax is suspicious of Alexis' confession.
  • When Alexis confesses Claudia tries to stop Jerry but he's playing his own game.
  • Molly worries about her mother.
  • Diane tells Alexis she is in over her head.
  • Alexis is arrested for the murder of Brianna Hughes.
  • Kristina returns home and finds out that Alexis confessed and continues to believe her mother is responsible.
  • Alexis and Sonny have a big argument.
  • Sonny blames Alexis for Kristina being out of control. Alexis admits her mistakes but assures that she did it for Kristina's safety.
  • Sonny admits he hasn't been a good Dad to Kristina and wants to start Fresh.
  • Kiefer wants the accident behinds them, and tells Kristina her mother is a lost cause.
  • Kristina confronts Alexis and tells her she'll never forgive her.
  • Diane and Jax urge Alexis to tell Kristina the truth. Alexis refuses she doesn't want Kristina to carry around the guilt.
  • Alexis feels guilty for not being around for Molly.
  • Molly defends Alexis to Kristina.
  • Dante charms Lulu.
  • Lucky and Ethan forbid it which makes Lulu want him even more.
  • After Dante gets into a scuffle at Jake's with Ethan and Lucky, Lulu insists on bringing injured Dante home with her.
  • Dante is exaggerating his injuries hoping they'll have sex. No such Luck Dante!
  • Spinelli goes to Mac to ask for Maxie's hand in marriage.
  • Spinelli, Maxie, Mac, Patrick and Robin have a family dinner.
  • Maxie surprises herself and accepts Spinelli's proposal.
  • Andrea feels Robin is getting to close to the truth so she works to frame Robin.

  • Rumors say an Earthquake may hit PC.

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