Monday, August 17, 2009

Casting Call For Cassadine?

From Twitter:
@soapsindepthabc GH is casting a character that sounds a WHOLE lot like Stavros Cassadine... or Stefan... or another Cassadine..

Rumors: Remember the Micha girl we keeping hearing about? Rumors are saying that Mickos' had a brother who had a child. Helena learns of this and realizes this and learns that this child would earn some inheritance from the Cassadines. Problem is Helena can't find the child so she comes up with a plan to have someone impersonate the girl and marry Nik. The girl is Mischa the one we keep hearing that's with Luke. She comes to PC and isn't happy she is being cut out of her inheritance. Helena decides to make Nik believe that it is Rebecca.

I guess this is the mysterious man from Alexis' past and not Sam's father. I'll still wish though.

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