Monday, August 10, 2009

Spoilers 8/10

  • Jerry tells Jason he fooled him into thinking Claudia was responsible.
  • After Jason isn't Hallucinating anymore they talk about going back home. She tells him he was out of it and said things he wouldn't believe. He says he remembers everything he said and it's all true. Repeats some of the things he said and she's surprised. He initiates a kiss and lifts her into a straddle taking her to bed. A montage then afterglow with an interruption.
  • After Jason and Sam hit the sheets there cuddle time is interrupted. Sam gets out of bed to get dressed and Jason tries to get her back into bed.
  • Sam tells Alexis she loves Jason.
  • Jason tells Spinelli that he is back with Sam.

Nik, Rebecca, Lucky & Liz...
  • Liz tells Nik she knows what Rebecca did was awful but she believes she actually loves him.
  • Nik doesn't believe it.
  • Nik pulls Liz into a kiss but Liz pulls away.
  • She tells him he isn't thinking straight. Later Nik apologizes and tells her that his attraction to her is real and believes she feels the same.
  • Rebecca sees Nik at GH and thinks he's there for her but he's really just taking Liz to Lunch.
  • Lucky wants to know why Liz and Nik are having Lunch together.
  • Lucky asks Rebecca out but she says No.
  • Liz tells Lucky he is free to date.
  • Nik asks Liz why she told Lucky that he is free to date and is it because of him.
  • Rebecca tells Lucky she saw Nikolas and Elizabeth together at GH and they seemed interested in each other.
  • Rumors Say: Nik and Elizabeth do not sleep together but the night of the 'storm' (There's a big storm coming by the way) they spend the night together. Both Rebecca and Lucky are suspicious about their deepening friendship and they do continue to see each other.
  • Ethan tries to leave town but Lucky and Lulu convince him to stay. Then he gets led on a wild goose chase looking for Luke. That's when he'll meet the new girl. Later on Luke returns to PC and claims that he's been held captive. No one believes him.
  • Michael will move in with Jason when he returns to PC.
  • Johnny will walk in on an intimate scene between Sonny/Olivia and hit Jake's on the same night that Maxie panics about her impending nuptials. They end up in bed together.
  • Kate stops by Olivia's house.
  • Maxie intends for her and Spin to have a long engagement, but when
    Kate wants to feature the couple's wedding plans in a January issue of Crimson,
    Maxie lies and says it is too late because they are marrying on September 3rd!
  • Liz and Lucky will do some matchmaking with Lulu and Matt. In an effort to keep her away from Dante.
  • Lulu is attracted to Dante but hides it from him.
  • Lulu thinks Dante slept with Rebecca, he does his best to explain but she doesn't believe him. Later he brings her flowers and she can't resist his charm.
  • After Dante is arrested while infiltrating a Zacchara drug shipment, Mac Scorpio and the new ADA learn that Dante is a cop working a sting operation to take down the Zacharra's.

Murder Mystery...
  • Robin tells Andrea she knows Alexis isn't the killer.
  • Andrea catches wind of Robin's suspicions and Andrea holds Robin at gunpoint at the carnival.
  • Alexis fights her for the gun and the gun goes off killing Andrea.
  • Dante saves Morgan from Kiefers Rage.
  • Dante asks Morgan if he wants to go to a ball game.
  • Carly notices that Morgan and Dante look alike.
  • Jax wants Dante away from his family.

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