Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spoilers 8/11

On Kelly Monaco...

" ...fans have understandably been in a dither over the thought of Kelly Monaco leaving the show ever since a casting notice was posted on Friday afternoon for the character of Sam McCall. The panic may be a bit premature: Sources share that the actress is in contract negotiations with ABC, but hasn't made an official decision to leave Port Charles." --SID

JaSam/Michael & Kristina...
  • Jerry has Sam locked in the room.
  • Jerry goes to look for Jason.
  • The ceiling collapses on Jason and Jerry has the perfect opportunity to shoot the trapped Jason.
  • Jason and Sam make love at the church. Jasam are interrupted by a priest The priest insists on marrying them. The whole thing is played for laughs. Sam lies and says they are already married but haven't told her parents yet because her father hates Jason. She tells him that because he questions why they aren't wearing rings. They promise to leave. Priest leaves. Lots of kissing. Next time we see them it is in Sam's PH in PC.
  • Ethan spills all to Lucky.
  • Lucky goes to Nik.
  • Big confrontation between Rebecca and Nik.
  • Johnny tells Olivia about Dante's arrest.
  • Olivia denies that she is pinning for Sonny.
  • Kate takes over plans for Maxie's wedding.
  • Maxie sets a date.

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