Monday, August 17, 2009

Spoilers 8/17

  • The first love scene is at the church the second is at the hotel room.
  • Rumors say there is a Fade to Black scene in the front seat of Jason's car.
  • Rumors say Alexis comes face to face with Sam's father in Mid-September.
  • Alexis doesn't play to heavily in JaSam's upcoming s/l but she does Caution Sam and isn't happy she is going back to Jason.
  • Jason and Sam kisses at the Carnival, Carly witnesses and tells him she is happy for him.
  • Sam and Maxie find themselves at Jake's talking boys.
  • Jason decides to give Sam back her neckless so she can learn to trust him again. (Starfish??)
  • Rumors: Sam gets pre gnant with Jason's baby. The baby will bring them closer and Jason will finally get everything he wants. Jason confesses to Sam he's fallen for her all over again.
  • Molly witnesses the abusive relationship but is sworn to secrecy
  • Molly is torn between telling Alexis and covering for her sister.
  • Sonny puts a hit out on Ronnie and he is killed.

  • Rebecca will be suspicious of Nik and Liz and tells her suspicions to Lucky.
  • Lucky doesn't believe it until he puts the moves on Liz, and Liz tells him she's not sure she can go back to them.
  • Lucky becomes suspicious.
  • Rebecca will try to do some things to win Nik back.
  • Lulu witnesses Nik and Liz kissing.
  • Maxie, Spinelli and Lulu attend the carnival together. Matt and Dante meet up with them.
  • Maxie is rumored to be injured and Spinelli can't get to her.
  • Nik, Liz and Lucky go to the Carnival and Rebecca shows up and stirs trouble.
  • Lucky leaves before the chaos and he and Liz share a kiss.
  • Nik and Liz goes back to the house together.
  • Carly brings Morgan to the carnival and leaves when things get chaotic.
  • Alexis goes to the Carnival with Molly, Kristina and Sam.
  • Kiefer does something to Kristina at the Carnival and Sam witnesses.
  • Dante gets incriminating evidence against Sonny.
  • Maxie becomes interested in Matt when he shows an interest to Lulu.
  • Johnny will continue to fall for Olivia.
  • Johnny learns that Olivia has a child with Sonny but doesn't know its Dom/Dante.
  • Helena wants a Cassadine cousin to Marry Nik.
  • She doesn't really want Nik to marry the cousin, she wants Rebecca to pretend to be the cousin and in return Rebecca gets Nik.
  • The real cousin is in Port Charles and has her own agenda which includes Ethan.
  • Helena produces evidence that the daughter was actually twins and that Rebecca and Emily are those twins which isn't true.
  • The actual heiress is in Port Charles seeking revenge.
  • Helena wants Nik to Marry Rebecca so she can get money from another branch of their family tree.
  • Nik is going to be against the idea because he wants Liz.
  • But as it turns out, the real cousin and heir to the fortune is in town and out for blood. She's Mischa and she is sleeping with Ethan.

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