Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spoilers 8/25 Updated at 2 PM EST

(Updates in Red)
  • Alright we got SUV sex on Wednesday almost Pool Table sex the following Tuesday and Now Next Wednesday Jason and Sam hit Jason's bed. Sam sneaks out after Jason falls asleep and we get an overhead view of Jason's pecks and calves.
  • Sam has a scare
  • Jason worries about Sam.
  • Sam gets Jason to go to the carnival.
  • Sam tells Jason she doesn't want a repeat of last time.
  • Kiefer Forcefully Tells Sam to Stay out of his business with Kristina.
  • Jason Puts Kiefer in his place and tells him how Men treat women

  • After Jake and Spencer are found Spencer tells everyone that Nik was hugging Liz. Lucky assumes that Liz was only comforting Nik.
  • Jason isn't happy when he learns that Liz was too busy with Nik to keep an eye on Jake. Liz apologizes but he walks away.
  • Sonny takes a bullet for Kristina.
  • Sam and Jason climb the Ferris wheel to save lives.
  • Carly knows Jax is keeping something.
  • Carly begins putting the pieces together.
  • Jax tries to stop Carly from learning the truth.
  • Carly gets a bad vibe at the carnival.
  • Carly delivers her baby.
  • Patrick and Robin get involved with another medical mystery.
  • Patrick begins to worry that Emma will lose her mother all too soon.
  • Matt calms Patrick's fears and they bond more.
  • Sam tells Maxie everything.
  • Spinelli and Maxie's wedding day arrives.
  • Spinelli attempts to get over his fear of clowns.
  • Maxie ends up getting hurt at the carnival.
  • Nik and Liz find it hard to resist one another.
  • Strange things begin happening at Wyndemere.
  • Lucky thinks He and Liz are happy together and have found paradise.
  • Liz begins to wonder if she should talk to Lucky about her feelings for Nik.
  • Nik convinces her its a not a good idea and besides that it will hurt lucky they are not together anyways.
  • Rebecca starts to notice Nik and Liz's connection.
  • Nik begins to feel guilty about plotting against someone with Emily's face.
  • Nik arranges it so Rebecca walks in on him and Liz kissing but Rebecca ends up seeing more than kissing.
  • Nik is using the revenge to keep distance away from Liz.
  • Liz is hurt when she sees Nik and Rebecca together.
  • Nik gets jealous when Lucky talks about his future with Liz.
  • Rebecca tells Lucky about Liz and Nik's connection.
  • Rebecca goes to Ethan
  • Lulu questions Liz about what is going on with her brothers.
  • Lucky asks Lulu what is going on with Liz.
  • Spencer catches Nik and Liz in a full blown Kiss.
  • Lucky wonders if Nik's behavior is healthy.
Teen Scene...
  • Kristina has a heart to heart with Sonny. Sonny apologizes for not being there and Makes a promise to Kristina.
  • Claudia Forgives Kristina face to face at the carnival
  • Kristina feels like Claudia understands her.
  • Michael remembers what was said to him while he was in a coma.
  • Kristina goes to great lengths to stay with Kiefer.
  • Dominic and Morgan spend time together at the carnival.
  • Michael doesn't trust Dominic.
  • Molly enjoys spending time at the carnival with her cousin Morgan.
  • Molly is getting bullied at school and confides in Sam about it.
  • Molly asks Sonny to help Alexis more.
  • Lulu Likes spending time with both Dominic and Matt.
  • she begins to find that Dominic is hiding something and becomes worried.
  • Lulu gets a soft spot for Matt when she sees his brotherly love.
  • Olivia tells Lulu to stay away from Dante.
  • Lulu's wonders why Olivia cares about him.
  • Olivia is forced to deal with her feelings as well as the situation she's gotten herself into.
  • Sonny learns some things about Dante.
  • Claudia shows up at the carnival and is furious to see Sonny and Alexis with the kids like a happy little family.
  • Claudia beings to think that Sonny's other women come before her.
  • Claudia decides its time to get pregnant again.
  • Claudia's lies come to light.
  • Claudia realizes she has nothing to lose and nothing to gain.
  • Anthony returns.
  • Johnny fears that his father is a threat
  • Johnny cuts Claudia out of his life for good.
  • Claudia becomes a little crazy...
  • Alexis worries that hanging around with Sonny will resurface feelings.
Murder Mystery...
  • Edward mentions he saw Andrea leaving the MC the night of Brianna's death, but he doesn't know she is responsible.
  • Andrea wants Edward dead.
  • Andrea steals medication, and drugs him.
  • Edward attempts to drive after being drugged.
  • Edward crashes his car in the middle of the Carnival.

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