Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spoilers 8/26 Updated at 1pm EST

September is the month for All Secrets to be revealed****

  • SUV Sex??? The channel on the radio gets stuck on a callers love story. Jason tries and tries to tear it apart but to no luck. Sam however beats the crap out of it and gets the job done pronto. Jason falls asleep. Sam stops driving and lays her head in his lap as she falls asleep. He wakes up (radio on again this time with romantic music) she wakes up, looks up at him and they make love FTB.
  • Jason tells Carly that he thinks he still loves Sam and would like to try again.
  • Jason wants Sam to open up to him.
  • Jason and Sam have some fun at the carnival. Hearing Liason will have no part of JaSam redux.
  • Rumor Jason learns that Sam is pregnant.
  • Michael drops by to visit Jason but leaves when he sees there is a clown in the house.
  • Sam and Alexis tries to connect.
  • Sam has a tough time.
  • Sam and Spinelli return to work.
  • Sam worries the past is repeating, but its not what you think???
  • Jason wants to know whose kidnapping all the kids.
  • Awkward scene when L&L2 pass JaSam at the carnival.
  • Maxie confides her feelings to Sam.
  • Sam tells Maxie that if she really loves Spinelli then she needs to trust him with the truth.
  • Maxie asks Sam what is it like to be given up for adoption.
  • Maxie begins to have feelings for someone else.
  • Liz is taken a bubble bath and Lucky comes in for a smooch. Liz ducks her head in the water to make it stop.
  • Nik and Rebecca hit the sheets.
  • Jake goes missing, They split up to look for him. Liz finds his shoe.
  • Nik finds Jake, and Liz hugs them when she finds them. Lucky witnesses.
  • Liz is the one person Nik feels he can move on with his life with.
  • Rebecca sees a connection and Jealousy becomes anger.
  • Lucky talks to Nikolas about his future hopes with Liz. This makes Nikolas unhappy.
  • Liz should be talking to Lucky about their future.
  • Nik decides to have a ball in Rebecca's name to prove his love.
  • Liz wants Nik to stop playing with Rebecca.
  • Lucky wonders if he's setting himself up to be heartbroken.
  • Liz tells Nik how she feels.
  • Lucky feels betrayed.
  • Rebecca has no where to turn and uses Ethan.
  • Nik thinks he's seen a ghost.
  • Carly asks Jax to let her have some fun at the carnival.
  • Carly observes Dante and notices similarities she's witnessed from Sonny.
  • Carly is shocked when she learns what Jax has been hiding.
  • Morgan worries his mom is in danger.
  • Carly learns that Jax knew Claudia was responsible for the shooting.
  • Carly thinks Jax was too worried about his own child then to put who hurt Michael to justice.
  • Carly also learns that Jax knew about Dante's paternity and he wanted the piece fall to where the may.
  • Carly flips out and goes into labor.
  • Premature labor.
  • Carly gives birth.
  • Someone kidnaps Carly's baby who is connected to her.
  • Lulu and Matt bond over the missing parental figures in their lives.
  • Dante is stuck.
  • Lulu wants to be single right now.
  • Lulu ends up in bad condition.
  • Ronnie gets hurt.
  • Olivia's head spins about the investigation.
  • Medical files go missing and Robin wants to track them down.
  • Robin pulls Edward out of the car.
  • Patrick warns Olivia that he will NOT keep her secret.
  • Johnny runs into Olivia kissing Sonny, again!
  • Johnny spies on a heartbroken Claudia with Dante.
  • Johnny questions Olivia's motives.
  • Olivia is conflicted with her feelings for Sonny.
  • Helena returns with 2 other people besides Luke and one is connected to quite a few PC residents.
  • Helena is happy when she sees a Spencer.
  • Claudia will not give up.
  • Claudia learns about Dante.
  • Claudia is shocked when she sees whose on the stretcher.
  • Dante finds big evidence against Dante but Sonny is shot before he can be arrested.
  • Sonny wants revenge.
  • Tracy gets a mysterious phone call from and Old Flame who begins blackmailing her.
  • Tracy's old flame is connected to PC.
  • Kristina will realize how much Sonny loves his daughter when he saves her life. Kristina realizes how much she loves her mother and apologizes to Alexis for her behavior the past few weeks.
  • Michael wants Kiefer to back off.


Anonymous said...

Love that Jason has to fight for Sam this time around.

Although I'm glad Sam will finally get a baby I'm scared it will ruin Jasam because Jason thinks his life is too dangerous for a baby

Hate that they are gonna let Carly's baby get kidnapped after all that she's been thru

Glad all of the secrets will finally come out it's been well over a year.

Anonymous said...

I am just curious. Where are you reading spoilers for that Sam will have Jason's baby?

Anonymous said...

8/26 "Rumor Jason learns that Sam is pregnant."

Im assuming if she was that it was Jason's because we haven't seen her involved or sleeping with anyone else.

I hope that if Sam is preggers, she would get to keep it this time and Jason would realize how much he would need both of them in his life.

my_maskless_self said...

i have a question what does ftb mean

Anonymous said...

Fade to black = ftb