Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spoilers 8/5

  • JaSam are reuniting still hearing that they have sex this summer. (SOS is confirming they hit the sheets. Here for Article
  • Sam urges Jason to be apart of Jake's life.
  • Elizabeth is hesitant but accommodating, Lucky is the one that has the problem with the arrangement, because he believes his role in Jake's life will be diminished.
  • From Twitter:
    soapoperasourceGH Tidbit: When is a kiss not just a kiss but more? What happens when lines aren't crossed but blurred? You can't help how you feel...right? (JaSam???)
  • During a drug bust Dante takes the blame so Johnny can get out.
  • Carly notices a strong resemblance between Morgan and Dante.
  • Jax learns Dante's paternity.

Nik, Liz, Lucky & Rebecca...
  • Nik and Liz almost kiss tomorrow but Coleman interrupts asking if they need more booze. Then they decide its best they get some cabs and go home.
  • lucky tells Nik the truth about Rebecca.

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