Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spoilers 9/10 Updated at 10:30

** Holly Madison is extending her Peepshow gig for another year.

  • Jason makes it clear that he does care about Liz to Sam but there is absolutely no lingering feelings towards her.
  • Sam plans Jason a romantic dinner. (Please let it turn out like all the others, except Maybe the part when Sam either burns or drops the food)
  • rumor: Jason will be comforting Sam soon, over their own child.
  • Jason doesn't mind if Sam wants to stay at his penthouse.
  • Jason and Sam reveal their feelings for one another.
  • Jason and Sam may be pushed forward in their relationship
  • Jason and Sam's reunion is exposed.
  • Wednesday Jason and Sam are in for a surprise.
  • Lulu helps Matt.
  • Dante is falling for Lulu.
  • Johnny starts to get jealous.
  • Alexis becomes more strict on Molly since Kristina is missing.
  • Molly becomes upset about how unfair she is being treated and runs to Morgan for help.
  • Morgan doesn't know who to run to.
  • Molly decides that Nic will just get her in trouble and decides to talk to Sam.
  • Sam feels bad for Molly, but doesn't think Alexis will listen to her.
  • Sam decides to suggest to Alexis that Molly live with her for a while until Alexis isn't as stressed.
  • Mac and Alexis spend more time together. Diane urges Alexis to losen up and get a love life.

  • Claudia plays on Sonny's guilt.
  • Michael reveals he knows Claudia is the one that ordered the hit.
  • Sonny wonders if Claudia is the reason Kristina is missing.
  • Sonny uses Johnny as a pawn against Anthony.

  • Olivia contemplates revealing Dante's secret.
  • Dante gets the information on Sonny he needs but isn't sure he can use it now that he's grown close to Sonny's family.
  • Olivia and Sonny make love.
  • Claudia urges Johnny to team up with her to tear Sonny and Olivia apart.
  • Claudia learns the truth about Dante.

Niz, Necca, L&L2...
  • Liz makes love with Nik
  • Liz tells Olivia that she has slept with Nik.
  • Liz accepts Lucky's proposal and they make love.
  • Liz retracts her acceptance.
  • Nik has a dream about Emily.
  • Rebecca is drawn to the Q's and withdraws from Nik.
  • Nik sleeps with Rebecca, and Ethan goes to Lucky.
  • Liz gets jealous when she sees Nik and Rebecca and Lucky takes notice.
  • Lucky tells Liz he thinks Nik found someone better than Rebecca.
  • Lucky becomes upset when Liz makes a decision about Jake and Jason. (Don't worry, I believe it is just that Liz allows Jason contact with Jake)


IN2jasam said...

Sounds exciting!!! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that TPTB are not going to let sam get pregnant with jason's baby and then have her loose it.

knp885 said...

They better not have Sam lose another loved one. I mean come on.

Please why do the writers always have to write Lucky as a dope? Please stop making Liz bounce him around.

I always said Mac and Alexis should get together. They are similar hopefully they will be less annoying when they are with each other

Anonymous said...

If sam loses another baby, I'm gonna be very ticked off. Either she gets pregnant and carries the baby to term, or she doesn't get pregnant at all. Also, I would hate it if she moved back into Jason's penthouse so easily, she has an apartment, let them at least date without living together. Shacking up so soon will really annoy me and this is coming from a diehard Jasam fan.

Anonymous said...

maybe we're being too literal... maybe she thinks she's pregnant from a test, then goes to the doctor and the test was false. It happens... sure she'd be on an emotional rollercoaster but it wouldn't be as bad as losing a baby...

Anonymous said...

uummmmmmm did i read correctly ..... is johnnnyyy gonnaaa geeettt jealousss omgggg!!! that would be greatt i loved jolu omg lulu shud deff visit him in the hospital when hes there cause u know he was shott sooo omggggg!!!