Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spoilers 9/23

  • Sam and Jason go to the wedding together.
  • Jason's surprise for Sam is more than surprising her on her stakeout.
  • Sam doesn't know what to do with the gift Jason gives her.
  • Sam and Jason discuss with others how they haven't addressed their past issues.
  • Jason and Sam finally talk about their past mistakes.
  • Jason tells Sam that what he loves about her is she always accepted him for who he is and never tried to change him. (cough cough Liz)
  • Jason wonders if Sam is willing to give up too much in order to be with him.
  • Sam tells Jason she realized she lived for Jason, she got lost in him, and she did horrible things. But if you want to be with someone enough, basically there is nothing not worth sacrificing.
  • Rumor: Sam comes face to face with an old benefactor
Teen Scene...
  • Kristina tells Sam and Michael that sometimes Keifer pressures her, and gets angry at her but he truly cares about her.
  • Keifer tells Kristina that if she really cares about him and is committed to him she'd prove it physically.
  • Keifer is tired of Michael coming before himself.
  • Rumor: Mac gets Alexis' job back as DA. When she returns to her office their is flowers from a secret admirer. (A man from Sam's past?)
  • Diane and Alexis face off with Louise when trouble comes for Jason and Sam.
  • Mac helps Alexis.
  • Robin works on a new case.
  • Louise goes after Patrick, she needs help on more than one occasion.
  • Robin is not happy.

  • Rumor: Carly is unconscious and her baby is taken.
  • Carly goes into labor during an inconvenient time.
  • An unlikely female that Carly's had problems with helps her.
  • Someone is lurking around the corner watching.
  • Rumor: Olivia kills Claudia in a fight. Sonny is upset about all the lies but doesn't want Olivia to go to jail so he covers up Claudia's death. Carly is upset that Olivia lied and sets her sights on Sonny once again.
  • October 9 is Sarah Brown's last day of taping.
  • Dante and Sonny learn they are father and son.
  • Sonny has surprising news for Claudia about their baby making.
  • Claudia overhears Olivia and Kate talking about Dom=Dante.

L&L2, Niz, Necca...
  • Nik mentions that he's had a hard time trying to get over from Emily and never thought the woman perfect for him was right in front of him.
  • Liz admits she loves Lucky but doesn't want to hurt him by not being fully committed to him.
  • Spinelli and Maxie don't get married they decide that their love is enough. They go through with the reception and celebrate there love to each other.
  • Mac tells Spinelli for the first time he respects him.
  • Mac appreciates that Spinelli realized marriage wasn't right for Maxie and himself.
  • Spinelli and Maxie talk about moving in together now that Sam and Jason are "back together"


Anonymous said...

Sami do you know what Jason gives to Sam. Rumor is its a ring or her star necklace.

Anonymous said...

This may be a little far fetched..but what if it's the keys to his PH? That would explain why Spixie are talking about moving in together.

grae said...

i hope its the star necklace, although i think sam should have reservations about wearing it so soon...i hope it's not a ring! how many weddings or almost weddings to we have to have in 1 year or 2 years?!! geez.

also, the spoiler "Sonny has surprising news for Claudia about their baby making" .... i hope it's a vasectomy!!! please! :D