Friday, September 25, 2009

Spoilers 9/25

  • Rumor: JaSam's I Love You's are said to be taped next week.
  • Scrubs play match maker for Jason and Sam this is how Sam catches the bouquet and Spixie ensures Jason catches the garter.
  • Jason, Sam and Spinelli team up to find evidence on Claudia.
  • Rumor: Sam's paternity may come out in upcoming months and she may not be a Cassadine after all.
  • JaSam discusses all the time together and whether or not their back together.
  • A Zacharra gangster mistakes Sam for Claudia and reveals dire information.
  • Kristina overhears Sonny tell Mike that he feels obligated to give Claudia a baby.
  • Kristina urges him to not have a baby he doesn't want.
  • Sonny puts a stop to their pregnancy plans.
  • Claudia has her eyes on Dante next.
  • Olivia decides to play it Claudia's way.
  • Claudia toys with Dante in front of Olivia.
  • Claudia informs Olivia that she knows the truth.
  • Claudia sleeps with Dante and then blackmails him.
  • A drunk Kate at the wedding notices Dante.
  • Olivia pulls Kate away before she approaches Dante.
  • Kate tells Olivia that she knows Dominic is Dante.
  • Kate tells Olivia her secret is safe but Claudia is listening in.

  • Kristina invites Keifer into her bedroom and things get out of hand.
  • Sam has a talk with Kristina after she sees Keifer in her room.
  • Kristina meets Keifer in a hotel room.
  • Keifer loses it when Kristina changes her mind about sex.
  • Kristina asks Sam to get her birth control.
  • Kristina becomes worried when she meets Keifer's ex.
  • Carly gets into with Alexis over Michale after he attacks Keifer.


Farah said...

i can't believe dante is going to sleep with claudia! nooo

Jess said...

but, today's episode spinelli said he can not marry maxie.......?

Anonymous said...

Love my Jasam spoilers, but I'm really hoping that Sam not being a Cassadine is false. I love Alexis being Sam's mom.

Anonymous said...

where can u get the oct 2009 promo