Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spoilers 9/8

  • Jason and Sam get a mysterious warning.
  • A man from Sam's past comes to town and he also has ties to Olivia.
  • Jason is arrested.

  • Kiefer uses any opportunity to look credible infront of Alexis.
  • Michael wants to protect Kristina.
  • Michael tells Kristina that he saw Kiefer with Jenna.
  • Kristina accuses Michael of just wanting Kiefer out of her life.
  • Kiefer emotionally demeans Kristina.
  • Kiefer threatens to out Kristina's secret about the accident.
  • Kiefer hurts Kristina physically.
  • Kiefer tells Alexis that Michael wants him out of her life so he can lead her astray.
  • Molly changes her attitude towards Kiefer when she sees him hurt Kristina.
  • Sam, Sonny, Michael, Carly , and Dante all have a bad feeling about Keifer. Jason gives Keifer a run for his money.
  • Alexis finally starts to see through the charade when she notices disturbing and familiar behavior from Kristina.
  • Kristina rebels against Sonny and Alexis's edict about Keifer.
  • Keifer has a secret.
  • Carly has a dramtic birth
  • Carly learns all the secrets and her faith in Jax is crushed.
  • Michael confronts Jax with his suspicians.
  • Jerry returns at the eve of the Spixie wedding.
  • Claudia has a confrontation with Anthony.
  • Claudia has some explaning to do to Sonny.
  • Claudia is outed as the one who shot Michael.
  • Olivia and Sonny make love. Olivia goes to tell Sonny the truth about Dante. Dante gets the evidence to put Sonny away. Sonny is arrested. Claudia claims she can keep Sonny's head afloat if he cooperates.
  • Maxie sees her future with Spinelli and it makes her uneasy.
  • Maxie and Spinelli both have bachelor parties.
  • Robin helps a drunk Maxie.
  • Jason is arrested before the rehearsal so Spinelli brings Cut-Out Jason.
  • Spinelli stops the wedding
  • Maxie is offended that Spinelli wont marry her and storms out
  • Spinelli and Maxie resolve their differences through song
  • Jason tells Spinelli that he and Maxie can't live at the PH.
L&L2 Niz, Necca...
  • Liz accepts Lucky's proposal.
  • Nik has a bitter congratulations for Liz.
  • Liz can't stop thinking about Nik.
  • Liz is jealous when she hears Nik planning a romantic evening for Rebecca.
  • Liz tells Cameron that Lucky will be moving in.
  • Liz retracts her acceptance of Lucky's proposal.

*Casting Call:
TRAVIS] 35, Caucasian. He is very sexy, handsome and dynamic. He is intense and driven - but very soulful and complex...CONTRACT ROLE
Many are Saying this is Ric Lansing.


Anonymous said...

YAY! You're back with goodies!!!


Looking forward to seeing where Sam fits into all the Jason stuff.

Your back! said...

Welcome back SAMI!!!! We ALL missed you :)
hope you had a VERY relaxing Vaca.

Anonymous said...

Sami? What mysterious warning do Jason and Sam get? Please give some us news we missed your updates everyday. It was tuff not having you around.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. This preview was posted on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLRrtQkvdWY

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited Jason finally tells Spinelli he and Maxie can't live at the penthouse. It's about time! Maybe now Jasam won't be interrupted as much. As long as they remember to make use of the lock.

Anonymous said...

Let's not lose our heads over this MINOR, MOMENTARY setback...let's tay focused and keep VOTING our JASAM back to the top! The support he gave Liz was what any decent human being would do...we really shouldn't expect any less. Stay Focused, last time we gave up on them, JIZ support won out!