Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spoilers 9/9

  • Sam comforts Jason.
  • After learning Jake is alright Jason and Sam talk about their feelings.
  • Jason talks about how being with Liz was too dangerous and it didn't work. Sam suggests that he and Liz could try again.
  • Jason says it is too late, Liz has moved on.
  • Jason talks about what it was like when they were together, trusting each other and being by each others side. Sam says she has never felt as protected as she does around Jason. It feels right and familiar.
  • Jason asks Sam to spend the night with him.
  • Sam and Michael look into Kiefer.
  • Rumor: Does Jason and Sam get married???
Dante, Sonny, Olivia...
  • Olivia and Claudia clash.
  • Ronnie tries to get Dante back on track when he hands him his police badge.
  • Dante is released from the hospital.
  • Olivia tries to break up with Johnny again.
  • Olivia sleeps with Sonny.
  • Claudia tells Sonny she wants another baby.
Niz, L&L2, Necca...
  • Liz has a hard time coping with what happened to Jake and Nik is there for her.
  • Liz tries to hide what she has done.
  • Liz accepts Lucky's proposal and then retracts it.
  • Ethan tells Rebecca that Nikolas is using her.
  • Rebecca does not believe Ethan. She thinks he's just trying to con her and wants to come between her and Nikolas.
  • Ethan warns Rebecca. Rebecca finds out about Nikolas and Liz.
  • Rebecca finds out about the revenge. Rebecca and Lucky are rumored to have sex
  • Ethan becomes Rebecca's shoulder and partner again after the reveal and the discovery of her pregnancy.
  • Rebecca discovers it's Lucky's but claims it's Nikolas's.
  • Liz and Nikolas are determined to stay away from one another.
  • Lucky gets involved with Robin/Patrick's new mystery a bit. It puts him in the hospital realm.
  • Nikolas grows even darker after he loses Lucky and Liz.
Teen Scene...
  • Kristina is fond on the ground.
  • Michael wants to leave School.
  • Michael remembers more of what Claudia has said.
  • Carly has a scary birth.
  • Carly and Jax have a baby girl.


knp885 said...

About time Lucky has a kid of his own. Too bad they are gonna keep it from him.
Why are they ruining Jolivia? I love them!
Yay Jasam!
Mike needs to just hurry up and remember everything, this is the longest secret in soap opera history.
Happy that Carly gets her baby girl.

Anonymous said...

Sami how sure are the rumors about a jasam wedding. Maybe November sweeps? I sure hope so. Its about time TPTB let them have a life together. Miss your updates throughout the day. Welcome back

Anonymous said...

I love Jasam!!! Love, Love, Love I do think it's kinda crappy that Jason says it's too late with Liz because she is with someone else. I'll take you Sam instead. What's up with that? I hope that is not how it goes down. I miss the updates too!!