Friday, October 2, 2009

Spoilers 10/2

  • Sam offers Jason help looking for evidence against Claudia.
  • Lucky catches Jason and Sam in the evidence room.
  • Sam talks herself out of a situation.
  • Someone mistakes Claudia for Sam.
  • Sam goes with Kristina to get Birth Control.
  • Jason is arrested but not before he discovers the link between Devlin and Claudia.
  • According to SID, despite Liz's dilemma with Lucky and Nikolas, and that Jason
    may be falling for Sam, that does not mean Liz is out of the picture...or far from
    Jason's heart. Having a kid together will bond them for the rest of their lives.
  • James Franco will be Jason's worst nightmare
Slaudia Vs Solivia...
  • Claudia wants Olivia to break up with John.
  • Sonny puts an end to Claudia's pregnancy plans but tells her he'll welcome the idea if she IS pregnant.
  • Claudia eyes Dante.
  • Johnny points the finger at Claudia.
  • Dante jumps to Claudia's defense.
  • Claudia tells Olivia to book her a room at the MC.
  • Dante is wired when he shows up to find Claudia waiting for him.
  • Claudia blackmails Dante into sleeping with her.
  • Sonny witnesses Claudia leaving the hotel elevator.
  • Dante tells Lulu that Claudia is trying to sleep with him.
  • Dante is arrested by the police because they realize his cover was blown with Claudia now knowing.
  • Dante quits the force but not his main goal.
  • Claudia lies to Sonny about why she was upstairs in the hotel.
  • Anthony plans to take out his enemies.
  • Nik confides his feelings for Liz to Robin.
  • Liz writes a note to Nik that Lucky almost finds.
  • 10/19 Rachel Ames is coming out of retirement to reprise her role as Audrey Hardy, and give Liz some much needed support.
  • Helena warns Nik about Vlad Cassadine.
  • Vlad is the bastard son of Mikkos.
  • Carly thinks she found the perfect name for her daughter.

  • Rumor: TG, GF, and JJ will exit the canvas together. Lulu will be the only remaining Spencer. Writer's are in talks with Genie Francis.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Spencer rumor isn't true and is just a November sweeps thing. Now that JJ is Lucky I want him to stay around. Liz can go...And please not just Lulu.

Anonymous said...

James Franco will be Jason's worst nightmare???

why so tiny? hehe

Anonymous said...

From what I've read in other places, shouldn't the spoiler say:

"Someone mistakes Sam for Claudia."?

Anonymous said...

you know what i think if jason was still interested in having a life with liz he would not be douing everything that hes said and done like saying he never wants to hurt her again and lighting his room up with countless candles to make love with sam that in no way implys that he still want to be with liz