Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spoilers 10/28

GH has cast Marsha Thomason as the mystery woman who will be playing opposite film star James Franco when he arrives in Port
 Charles next month.

  • Rumor: JF's character witnesses Claudia's demise. He might use it against Jason, which leads to the MOC.
  • But Guza offers encouraging words for the fans of the pair "Jason and Sam are in it for the long haul"
  • Michael asks Sam to get Jason to back-off Claudia.
  • Jason asks Sam to stay with him.
  • Someone is watching Jason.
  • Lulu almost drowns at the Zacharra estate.
  • Johnny sends a rescue team to save Lulu.
  • Olivia pleads with Lulu to stay loyal to Dante.
  • Lulu feels guilty especially when things get bad for Maxie and Spinelli.
Teen Scene...
  • Michael comes across a wreckage from an accident.
  • Michael tells Alexis and Sonny about whats going on with Kristina and Keifer.
  • Alexis is forced to defend Sonny.
  • Kristina goes to therapy.
  • Michael saves Carly.
  • Carly comes across a shelter and prepares to deliver her baby.
  • Claudia becomes obsessed with Carly's baby.
  • Jax wants Carly to tell the police the truth about what happened in the cabin.
  • Jax and Sonny have a altercation.
  • Carly is unable to forgive Jax.
  • Carly is torn about Jax's deception.
  • Carly and Jax separate.
  • Jax sees his actions are justifiable.
  • Michael once again wants daddy's business.
  • Patrick's ex Flame Lisa arrives in PC.
  • Matt takes and interest in Liz.
  • Patrick gets a tad jealous.
  • Robin wonders what's going on in Patrick's head.
  • Natalia Livingston is out as Rebecca. (What a waste, why they even bother bringing her back?)
  • Kind of disappointed with the return of JJ. Couldn't they have just had JJ be the real lucky coming back for the woman he loves and GV be an imprinted impostor. -- My 2 Cents
  • Rumor: Is Genie coming back??? Lots of Laura drops going on.
  • Rumor: Hearing Liz is going to be sleeping with both the brothers more
  • Luke learns of the Niz trysts and gets Nik to back off.
  • Rebecca is vengeful when she learns the truth.
  • Liz attempts to end the engagement.
  • Someone sees Liz and tries to use her against Lucky and Nik.


Anonymous said...

ITA why bring Rebecca/Emily back and go through all that work for nothing... sheesh. Could be so much more to that storyline.

And the return of JJ... fizzle... boring. Ugh. Not well done at all.

Liz sleeping more with the brothers and now Matt will be interested in her? Those must be some pheramones she's got going on... too bad it's not much else LMAO

Need more JaSam to balance these losers out.

Anonymous said...

SAMI!!!!! we were worried you were sick or feel off the face of the earth. Glad you're okay!!

Anonymous said...

Yayyyy their in it for the long haul!!!

JAgirl28 said...

glad you are back. Hope all is well

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back. Hope to see more daily spoilers today & for a long time to come.

Taylor said...

I think she meant "Matt takes an interest in Liz", otherwise what would Patrick get jealous about?

Taylor said...

And I think I meant "Lisa", not Liz. My bad.

Anonymous said...

what does MOC mean