Friday, October 30, 2009

Spoilers 10/30

  • Alexis gets Jason released from jail.
  • Jason and Sam bond over Jocelyn Jacks.
  • Sam hands the baby to Jason in the nursery.
  • Carly and Sam's relationship will change dramatically.
  • Jason gets an eyeful of Niz.
  • After talking to Lucky, Jason wonders if he should've claimed Jake.

  • Dante, Lulu and Spin team up to find Carly.
  • Lulu falls through a creaky floorboard.
  • Dante refuses to leave her side.
  • Lulu remembers everything!
  • Lulu nearly drowns Johnny saves her.
  • Dante uses Johnny to take down Sonny, Johnny thinks its to take over for Sonny.
  • Carly and Claudia crash.
  • Carly makes it out of the wreckage.
  • Claudia finds Carly just as the contractions hit.
  • Carly delivers with Claudia's help.
  • Claudia is overtaken by Carly's baby.
  • Rumor: Michael kills Claudia because he thinks Carly and Jocelyn's life is in danger.
  • Jason and Sam just after Michael takes drastic actions to protect his family.
  • Jax takes Carly and Jocelyn to the hospital.
  • Carly confronts Jax's deception when he wants her to tell the police the truth about what Michael did.
  • Carly accuses Jax of wanting to get rid of Michael .
  • Jason and Sonny will protect Michael at all costs.
  • Carly blames Jax for everything.
  • Jax comes up with the smart idea of pinning Claudia's murder on Sonny.
  • Carly and Sonny disagree when it comes to Michael.


knp885 said...

Wow these spoilers were really juicy today! Thanks Sami

Love that Carly and Sam will be friends. They should have been ever since Sam and Jason went to track down Michael when everyone else thought he was dead

Anonymous said...

Sam and Carly as good friends? I would love that seeing as how both are my favorite females on the show.
Can't wait for more Jasam time after this Claudia storyline is over. Thanks Sami, we know u have a busy schedule so we will enjoy the spoilers whenever u have the time to put it on :)