Monday, October 5, 2009

Spoilers 10/5

  • Lucky lets Sam go when he finds her at the warehouse.
  • Jason and Sam find something surprising in Ian's former room.
  • Claudia digs up dirt on Sam that she won't want Jason to know.
  • Sam doesn't want Jason to know but realizes that honesty is the only way.
  • When Sam tells Jason the truth he vows to make Claudia pay for Michael and what she attempted to do to Sam.
  • Rumor: Kristina gets pregnant and Sam adopts the baby
  • Rumor: Jason asks Sam to move in and they have a lengthy conversation.
Slaudia VS Solivia...
  • Sonny tells Claudia he doesn't want a baby.
  • Claudia takes a pregnancy test. NEGATIVE
  • Claudia arrange the honeymoon suite at the MC and plans to seduce Dante.
  • Dante tries best to keep his clothes on because he is wearing a wire.
  • Claudia tells Dante she'll blow his cover unless he sleeps with her.
  • Dante is taken off the case when the feds find out his cover was blown.
  • Sonny wants Dante to kill Tommy.
  • Dante takes him to the island but instead of killing him he shows up his badge.
  • Dante almost has his cover blown by Jason.
  • Dante arranges to have Tommy secretly give the police insider information.
  • Dante tells Lulu that Claudia is trying to sleep w/ him.
  • Ronnie reinstates Dante
  • Claudia reveals her plan to Olivia.
  • Olivia prepares to tell Sonny the truth.
  • Sonny puts a hit out on Dante and goes looking for Claudia.
  • Claudia tells him she's pregnant but he doesn't believe its his and she tells him if it isn't his child he's the grandfather.
  • Claudia tells Sonny about Dante.
  • Sonny tries to stop the hit he ordered.
  • Claudia packs her bags and walks out the door.
  • Rumor: Claudia dies in a car accident. Robin learns she was dead when the 'accident' occurred.

Teen Scene...
  • Kristina decides to take the next step with Keifer.
  • Claudia tries to get revenge on Kristina through Keifer.
  • Michael shows up when Keifer is getting rough with Kristina.
  • Sonny shows up and puts a stop to the fight and is on the verge of killing Keifer himself when he learns that Claudia has instigated the problems. Michael decides its time to tell dad about his memories and Sonny goes in search of Claudia
Cassadine & Spencer's...
  • Helena warns Luke that someone is after him.
  • Nik comes to Luke, Lulu, and Ethan's rescue.
  • Nik has Helena admitted to the hospital.
  • Maxie decides that Robin and Patrick need to spice things up so she helps Robin plan a romantic evening.
  • Carly goes into pre-mature labor, and a drunk Jax drives her to the hospital.
  • Rumored Name: Jocelyn John Jacks


Anonymous said...

Sami -- please tell me the rumors are true and Sam tells Jason the truth about what Claudia finds out about her past.

Anonymous said...

any ideas on what the secret could be about?