Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spoilers 11/12

  • Jason and Sam do something that sets Franco off.
  • Dante is assigned to find out who sent the pictures to Jason.
  • When he first arrives in PC, he is content to use unconscious "models" as his photo victims. The real trouble begins when he decides he's going to need an actual body to create his masterpiece.
  • Maxie falls victime by going to his loft and he puts something in her drink, she gets frisky from it, passes out and he takes her pic in a chalk outline to get his kicks. Is this why Lulu was drugged.
  • Lulu freaks when she learns Luke and Sonny are conducting business together.
  • Luke takes a meeting with Joey Limbo.
  • Dante shows Olivia a picture of Claudia's dead body.
  • Johnny turns against Sonny.
  • Johnny comes across a picture of Claudia's dead body.
  • Johnny plans on using Dante against Sonny.
L&L2/ Niz...
  • Liz asks Luke to keep the secret.
  • Lucky wants answers.
  • Liz breaks off the engagement but refuses to tell Lucky why.
  • Lucky starts investigating Franco.
  • Liz admits shes falling for Nik but loves Lucky too.
  • Nik tells Rebecca he's been using her and that he is in love with someone else.
  • Liz and Nik give into desires again.
  • Liz almosts tells Lucky the truth.
  • Anthony plots his revenge against Sonny.

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