Monday, November 23, 2009

Spoilers 11/23

  • Franco and Jason come face-to-face.
  • Jason is disturbed by Franco's behavior.
  • Sam feels conflicted after Maxie tells her she cheated on Spinelli.
  • Franco waving at the camera was to let Jason know that he is aware of what Spinelli can do.
  • Rumor: Did Sam lose her virginity to Franco? Is that the reason why she brought it up to Kristina a few weeks ago?

  • Is Spinelli arrested for hacking again?
  • He finds out that Maxie has cheated when he gets arrested.
  • Alexis notices Kristina getting close with Ethan and goes to Luke.
  • Ethan assures Luke that they will only be friends and that he loves Rebecca.
Niz, L&L2...
  • Rebecca witnesses Liz and Nik together, and wants to use it to her advantage.
  • Lucky gets his hands on the photo of Claudia's dead body.
  • Nik tells Liz he broke up with Rebecca and is falling in her with her.
  • Liz sleeps with Lucky to get her mind of Nik.

  • Rumor: Lisa was attached to a patient that suddenly dies. Robin has been consulting and administering drugs on that patient so Lisa is out to get Robin's license taken away. This starts another story where Robin has to play private investigator to see what went wrong.
  • Dante realizes that Sonny didn't kill Claudia, and someone else did.
  • Johnny is close to learning Olivia's other secret.
  • Lulu feels guilty after talking to Michael and Morgan.
  • Carly resents the Jax/Olivia friendship.


beana said...

I read a blog today where someone actually asked what was with the dress sam wore on today's episode asking if it could be any shorter. I say if you have the legs flaunt them; or for that matter if you have the body why hide it under a gunny sack. It wasn't like she was showing everyone things she shouldn't be LOL.

Cecile said...

I read that same crappy ass blog too beana, and I completely agree with u. They must criticize sam every chance they get.