Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spoilers 11/3

  • Jason tells Sam she shouldn't be with him.
  • Franco's character is obsessed with Jason because of something Jason has done in his past.
  • Michael finds the cabin with Carly and Claudia inside.
  • Michael takes action against Claudia.
  • Sonny and Jason protect Michael.
  • Carly tells Jax what happened in the Cabin.
  • Sonny is arrested for Claudia's murder.
  • Alexis becomes Sonny's lawyer, because she knows what it's like covering for her child.
Teen Scene..
  • Kiefer hurts Kristina again
  • Kristina tries to cover for him.
  • Michael learns that Kiefer has abused Kristina and tells Sonny.
  • Rumor: Sonny acts on impulse and with Claudia's murder charge hanging over his head it may put him in quite the predicament.

  • Nic and Liz have sex in a hospital supply closet.


Anonymous said...

I really hope Jason doesn't push Sam away AGAIN!
Btw Love your site Sami!

Anonymous said...

Nic and Liz have sex in a hospital supply closet? That's too funny, but her behavior really doesn't surprise me.
Jason pushing Sam away again? Don't even get me started, this time, I'm so gonna be in favor of Sam kicking his ass to the curb. (ok, maybe not, I love my Jasam, but Jason should get his head out of his ass)

Madeline said...

The best part is that they have sex in the supply closet and Lucky is standing right outside the door

Anonymous said...

I honestly think when it says "Jason tells Sam she shouldn't be with him." It's more so him just saying that his business is dangerous, He's not good enough for her, etc. I don't think it's going to be like after she got shot and he broke up with her. I doubt he'll push her away. Instead I think he'll say what he always says about his work, and she'll push back and say she can handle it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah what you said ^^

I totally agree. Jason just fears that his job/lifestyle etc. is too dangerous for sam. Especially after he almost shot that woman and her two kids. He was just acting on impulse, and really can't be blamed. Sam will just stick with him and JaSam will be finee :)

sam mccall-morgan09 said...

i totally agree with the last two girls that wrote in anonymously jason loves sam he always has always will and he just tells her that she should not be with him to protect her and sam will tell hom that she loves him for who he is and that shat accepted him and his life a long tome ago and that she will stick by her man through thick and thin sam has always stuck by him through everything when they were/are together and that will never change thgey are the loves of each others lives

Anonymous said...

A lot has happened to them in quite a short time so Maybe they both need a break to find out what they need and want in their lives? I think they need to talk a lot about everything they went through if they are going to make their relationship work and their love for each other stronger than ever:).