Friday, November 6, 2009

Spoilers 11/6

  • JaSam/Franco s/l is on lock-down.
  • Jason worries when Michael shows no emotion.
  • Jason confesses that he's failed Michael to Sam.
  • Jason shares his feelings about Michael to Carly.
  • Michael still wants to be apart of Daddy's business.
  • Carly goes to Sonny's to bring Michael home but he refuses to leave.
  • Jason convinces Sonny to allow Michael to live in the CarJax house.
  • Michael reminds everyone that pretty soon he'll be making his own choices.
  • Michael orders Max and Milo to intimidate Kiefer.
  • Max and Milo put the fear of god into Kiefer.
  • Kiefer thinks that it was Kristina who sent Max and Milo, and slaps her across the face.
  • Kristina goes to the hospital and when confronted about the incident she lies to protect him.
  • Anthony loses it when Johnny tells him that he thinks Sonny killed Claudia.
  • Dante thinks that Johnny is losing his cool.
  • Olivia fears that all the secrets are coming out.
  • Johnny learns Dante's true intentions.
  • Lulu panics when she learns that luke is doing business for Sonny.
  • Dante is handed the task to find out who is sending stuff to Jason.
  • Dante shows Olivia a picture of Claudia's dead body.
  • Anthony and Joey Limbo hash out their plan.

  • Robin gets jealous when Patrick's ex sends him a thank you gift which reminds him of the good ole' days.
  • Patrick gets uneasy when Lisa and Robin start getting close.
  • Matt and Lisa hit it off.
  • Robin, Molly, and Sam try to fix Alexis up with Mac.
Liz, Lucky, & Nik...
  • Nik and Liz get it on in the Hospital supply closet.
  • Liz overhears Rebecca telling Lucky how lucky Liz is to have him and she is overcome with guilt.
  • Luke confronts Nik about the 'affair'.
  • Lucky declares his love for Liz and gives her an engagement ring.
  • Lucky feels something is off and asks Liz what's wrong.
  • Liz prepares to tell Lucky everything, then Nik and Rebecca show up at the restaurant.
  • Liz gets upset with Nik for interrupting their dinner on purpose.
  • Nik questions Liz's feelings for Lucky.
  • Lucky and Liz make love.
  • Rebecca and Nik hit the sheets.
  • Lucky and Nik bump into each-other at Emily's grave.
  • Lucky tells Nik that he and Liz made love.
  • Liz goes to Emily's grave and admits she wants Lucky & Nik.
  • Lucky learns the truth and Liz will do anything to keep him.
  • Nik and Liz talk about there feelings on Emily's death anniversary. (Wasn't she technically killed on Halloween even if that day lasted a whole month?)
  • Carly accuses Jax of loving Morgan and Josslyn more than Michael.
  • Carly asks Jax to move out.
  • Carly admits to Lady Jane that she cannot forgive Jax.
  • Jax goes to Jason for help on saving his marriage.
  • Jason refuses to get involved.
  • Alexis encourages Carly to fix things with Jax before it's too late.
  • Carly allows Jax to stay in the guest room.
  • Jax tells a sleeping Josslyn that he wants Sonny to go to prison.
  • Jax wants Sonny charged with Claudia's murder.
  • Jax tells Dante that there is forensic evidence on Sonny.
  • Carly catches Jax and Dante together.
  • Dante takes the ashes in the fireplace to Ronnie.


Farah said...

Alexis and Mac?! LOLL

Elizabeth disgusts me

General Hospital Mob said...

Kiefer slaps kristina again? can someone please shoot that kid.

Anonymous said...

let me see if i got this. max and milo scare keifer cuz of his treament of kristina and he STILL hits her again. this kid is stupider than he looks!!

Anonymous said...

Kristina doesn't want to have anything to do with her Dad, because he yelled at Claudia who put her brother in a coma for a year. But she will protect Keifer, who is hitting her and making her have sex.

Anonymous said...

I hope GH don't drag Kristina's storyline. I can't waite until Sonny finds out what happens to his daughter.

Perla said...

Please, please put an end to this story with Keifer and Kristina. I just hope that they do justice to this story. No more deaths, just a long prison sentence for this kid. At least then it will make sense and not senseless violence.

beana said...

Sam and Jason are the perfect pair; both love excitement and adventure. I always thought of Elizabeth as a bit of a winer; she aggravates me. Plus, if you look at past episodes, Elizabeth was always after Jason but couldn't handle his lifestyle.