Monday, November 9, 2009

Spoilers 11/9

  • Jason wants to protect Sam.
  • Franco begins to focus on Sam.
  • Sam goes Missing.
  • Rumor: Jason and Sam marry.
  • Rumor: Franco murders someone.
  • Lucky and Jason make an unlikely team when they team up to find both Liz and Sam.
  • Rumor: Liz calls Jason for help. She's freaked out because both Nik and Lucky are "going dark" and she needs a shoulder. Jason blows off Sam because Liz claims it's really important. Sam goes to the pier and disappears. Franco takes her as leverage against Jason. Franco is obsessed with Jason and by this time he has made contact and Jason declined a meeting. Franco's pissed so he takes Sam. Lets just say that by the time Jason realizes Sam is gone, Liz isn't one of his favorite people.
  • Jason wonders if Franco's vision of him has some truth to it.
Teen Scene...
  • Kiefer comforts Kristina.
  • Kristina gets help.
  • Lulu wonders if she should warn Carly about Dante's plan.

  • Johnny learns that Dante is Olivia's son.
  • Olivia remains devoted to Johnny.
  • The guilt weights heavy on Johnny
  • Rumor: Johnny kills someone.
L&L2.. & Niz...
  • Lucky almost gets a glimpse of Nik and liz.
  • Liz attempts to tell Lucky the truth but loses her courage.
  • Luke attempts to distance Lucky and Nik from each other.
  • Lucky shoots someone.
  • Spinelli gets upset with Maxie for telling Johnny about the blood stained shirt.
  • Jason tells Carly he'll support any decision regarding Jax.
  • Alexis sticks up for Jax with Carly.

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