Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spoilers 12/1

*Genie Francis Returns for X-mas!

  • Carly will be involved in the Franco story somehow. Laura Wright revealed that Franco tied her up.
  • Jason shows Maxie the photo. Maxie tells Jason that Franco thinks of him as an artist.
  • Dante tries to help Jason with Franco w/o revealing how he knows him.
  • Franco realizes he knows Dante.
  • The search for Sam's daddy begins 2010

  • Spinelli comes across Franco's photo of Maxie.
  • Spinelli gets a lead from the picture and figures out where the studio is.
  • Spinelli will learn about Maxie and Franco, and end it with Maxie.
  • Maxie will turn to someone unexpected for comfort. (Lucky?)
  • Dante accuses Sonny of wanting Johnny dead.
  • Olivia is furious when she learns what Jax and John talked Dante into.
  • Olivia realizes the only way to save Father and Son is to tell the truth.
  • Jax tries to prevent it because Dante is close to bringing Sonny down.
  • Dante learns that the recording isn't enough to bring Sonny down.
  • Kate tells Sonny a secret about Olivia.
Niz & L&L2...
  • Lucky tells Liz he can't marry her.
  • Luke and Tracy enjoy karaoke night.
  • Rebecca catches Liz and Nik in bed.
  • Liz confides in Robin.
  • Liz wants to marry Lucky ASAP
  • Lucky asks Nik to be his best man.
  • Something happens that Prevents Rebecca from spilling the beans.
  • Mac will serve as a sounding board for Alexis.
  • Valentin's actions in the past impacted Alexis' choices in men through the years.


Anonymous said...

hi anyone know where there are december promos for GH

Anonymous said...

December promo's -- who cares! The Franco storyline has been a bust. Instead of suspense and drama, we get to watch a farce show of pathetic singing and stupid antics at Jakes. The spoilers for December are boring --where's Jasam? It's no wonder GH's rating continue to plummet! When will Guza ever get the message that good writing brings higher ratings, increased viewership and happy fans.

Anonymous said...

Alexis never talked about who Sam's father was. Is it possible that Valentin is the father and Alexis didn't know she was related to him and he was just this really bad guy and kind of crazy, but, her father knew that she had been having a relationship with her half brother and that's why he had Alexis give the baby up and put in the papers that it had died in case she ever went looking for it. I know that's sick and very incestual, but, it is a soap, and why would Valentin's actions in the past impacted her choice in men when according to Alexis, she's never even seen Valentin just heard of him. Plus with all this talk lately about Sam's father....I don't know. It could happen.

beana said...

I had wondered the same thing about Sam's father. The fact that Alexis never talked about him leads you to believe he has to be a pretty evil guy.
I also would like to see alot more jasam and it would be nice to see Jason be in a position where he has to save Sam and realizes just how much she means to him.