Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spoilers 12/16

  • Is Jason and Sam's moment where they share I love you's interrupted?
  • Jason and Sam share I love You's and Jason confesses that he's wanted to say it since the summer. Jason adds that he doesn't want to pressure Sam.
  • Spinelli interrupts a JaSam sentimental moment.
  • Rumor: Franco plans on killing one of Jason's loved ones for every person he's killed, and leaving Jason for last.
  • Jason tells Johnny what really happened with Claudia.
  • Sam becomes concerned with not wanting her life to revolve around Jason again.
  • Sam asks Alexis who her Dad is on Dec. 23
  • Lulu anticipates her first date with Dante.
  • Dante suspects Michael knows more than he is saying.
  • Franco kidnaps Lulu.
  • Dante is desperate to save her.
  • Olivia gets jealous when Sonny flirts with Lisa.
  • Johnny tells Olivia that he knows what happened to Claudia.
  • Sonny asks Luke for a favor, Luke refuses.
  • Johnny reveals Dante's true identity to someone surprising.
  • Lucky catches Michael drinking and driving.
  • Lucky warns Carly that the truth is going to come out.
  • Lucky tells Dante to focus on Michael.
  • Jax backs off of trying to get Sonny in prison.
  • Chad Brannon will portray a passenger on an airplane who just happens to have a seat next to Rebecca on her flight out of PC. (Kind of weird just to bring him back for that.?)
  • Liz becomes focused on keeping Lucky and moving on with their wedding.
  • Robin encourages Liz to be truthful about her feelings for Nik.
  • Nik has plans of his own when Liz starts to crack. Jason and Lucky are also involved.
  • Ethan picks up that something is not quite right between Kristina and Keifer.
  • Hospital staff begin to note that Kristina seems to have a lot of accidents.
  • Patrick encourages Robin to be more supportive of his feud with Dr. Webber after Lisa encourages Patrick to stand up for what he believes.
  • Patrick denies Lisa's affection.
  • Patrick picks up red flags from Lisa when she over reacts about Robin's HIV status.
  • Rumor: Lisa kisses Patrick. Patrick pushes her away and tells her to back off.
  • Maxie wants Spinelli to cheat on her.

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