Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spoilers 12/23

** Not Sure yet if there will be spoilers tomorrow... Enjoy your Holiday

  • Johnny shows up to Jason's with a picture of Claudia's empty grave.
  • Jason comes clean to Johnny about the truth and hopes he'll help him eliminate Franco.
  • Jason tells Johnny about Michael and Franco's mind games.
  • Jason tells Johnny that Franco is pushing him to kill him and Franco was hoping that Johnny would kill Jason. Jason hopes they can work together.
  • JaSam's shares NYE together December 29th which is their last scene together before she is kidnapped.
  • Sam has love on the mind when she gets into her hot tub.
  • Alexis and the girls unexpectedly show up. Sam and Alexis discuss Mac.
  • Sam returns to the Hot tub to wait for Jason when Franco grabs Sam from her hot tub.
  • Jason tries to put distance between him and Sam.
  • Jason contacts Diane to make unusual arrangements.
  • But by the time Jason arrives Sam is no where to be found. Franco wants Jason to know he has Sam & is playing games.
  • Jason comes up with a plan to make it look like he is in jail and not looking for Sam.
  • Sam wakes up in a unusual situation.
  • Franco also grabs Carly and Lulu.
  • Franco puts them in separate locations.
  • One is put in the line of fire, while one is in a creey room set to explode.
  • Franco's assistant ends up a piece of art work as well.
  • Franco's plan may end Sam's life
  • Sam is found around January 11.
  • Lucky, Dante, and Jason team up to find Lulu, and Sam.
  • Dante finds Lulu when Lucky gives up hope.
  • Jason finds out Dante is a cop but doesn't reveal it right away.
  • Jason and Sonny face legal trouble when it is revealed that Dante is a cop.
  • Jax is the outcast as he's blamed for a lot of Sonny and Jason's legal problems.
  • Michael wants to confess about Claudia but Sonny tells him no.

  • Kristina ends up at the hospital once again because of Keifer, but what does she tell the staff??? Kristina covers for Keifer and tells the hospital it was Ethan's fault. This causes major tension between Alexis, Sonny, and Luke.
  • Michael and Keifer have it out over Kristina again.
  • Keifer is jealous and possessive around Kristina when it comes to Ethan.
  • Alexis and Sonny don't see eye to eye on how to handle Kristina's weird behavior.
  • Some Elves and Mistletoe inspire Mac and Alexis to lock lips
  • Liz realizes its only a matter of time before Lucky finds out about the affair.
  • Lucky spins out of control when the secret is revealed.
  • Luke is hard on Liz.
From GHH: "Quartermaine history will come to the forefront as the Wards are resurrected
in a new form! This will reset the Quartermaine's, particularly Edward


GroovyVic said...

From that picture it looks like Nikolas remembered he has a kid!

Anonymous said...

i was just thinking that the other day like where is spencer durning all this...

Anonymous said...

If Lucky Starts Drinking For The 2nd Time In His Life, He'll Be Out Of Elizabeth's Romantic Life And Ending Their Engagement...And Then, He Walks Away From Their 2 Sons, Cameron And Jake...Plus, He Must Need A New Girlfriend Of His In His Romantic Life...Would Be Maxie Or A New Female Resident Of Port Charles.

Anonymous said...

Here Are The Couples Have A Romantic Future On "General Hospital" In 2010: Jason And Sam, Dante And Lulu, Valentin And Elizabeth, Dean And Jenna, Luke And Tracy, Patrick And Robin, Matt And Lulu, Ethan And Kristina, Max And Diane, Mac And Alexis, Johnny And Olivia, Lucky And A New Female Resident Of Port Charles, Spinelli And Maxie, And Nikolas And A New Female Resident Of Port Charles.

Anonymous said...

where did u find that couple list

Anonymous said...

"Jason tries to distance himself from Sam"

What is he stupid? Let's see, anytime, he realizes that his job is dangerous, he always tries to distance himself from Sam and it always backfires. Let's see, the last time it happened was when he got shot, he pushed her away, she slept with Ric, he slept with Elizabeth and got her pregnant. Ewww. Jason just needs to learn that pushing Sam away or keeping his distance from her is never a good thing.

beana said...

I thought the same thing about jason pushing sam away. Here is another point; Sam likes taking risks and is very good at getting herself in trouble without jason's help. She had several close calls while they weren't together; wouldn't it be better if Jason stays with her so he can have her back?
If he does this to her again, he will have to be the one talking her into coming back to him because she has been hurt too many times at his hands.

Anonymous said...

Keep watching! It'll be good. I doubt he's doing it on purpose. He's trying to distract Franco.