Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spoilers 12/29

**GH will be pre-empted Jan 1 and December 31 GH will re-air when Sonny attends the gallery opening with Olivia as an alibi.

  • Franco hints that Sam and Lulu are missing.
  • Jason learns that Sam is missing.
  • Jason finds Sam on display at one of Sonny's warehouses.
  • Franco leaves behind a video monologue.

Teen Scene...
  • Sonny and Carly decide to plan a surprise party for Michael's 18th birthday
  • Michael is arrested for DWIthe party arrested for DWI.
  • Lucky attempts to reach out to Michael.
  • Michael blames Jason for Claudia's grave being empty.
  • Carly tells Michael off and defends Jason. Michael tries to step up for Sonny, against his wishes.
  • Liz attempts to recreate a romantic evening at Jake's.
  • Lucky asks Jason if Liz and the boys are in danger of Franco.
  • Lucky uses Lulu being missing as an excuse to push out the thought of Nik in love with Liz.
  • Lucky gets an eye full.
  • Mac and Alexis share a dance to a car radio on New Years Eve.
  • Spinelli spends a romantic night with Anne Hathaway (aka Maxie)

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