Friday, January 8, 2010

Spoilers 01/08

  • Jason tells Lucky he's walking into a trap.
  • Jason explains why he doesn't regret his decision in the warehouse choosing Sam over Lulu because he loves her.
  • Lucky rips into Jason when he finds a demolished warehouse and no Lulu.
  • Jason realizes he played into Franco's hand.
  • Lulu and Dante stagger out of the rubble unharmed.
  • Jason finds a DVD from Franco.
  • Sonny yells at Jason for letting Franco into his head.
  • Sonny wants Franco to take the fall for Claudia's murder, Jason objects.
  • The forensic team is a DNA test away from Claudia's killer.
  • All evidence points to sonny.
  • Jason is determined to protect Michael .
  • Carly tells Jason about Niz and tells him Liz is manipulating Nik just like she manipulated him.
  • Jason admits to Sam that he felt guilty about using Liz and wanted the best for Jake and he let his guilt, obligation and anger at Sam dictate his actions rather than following his heart.

  • After Kristina's heated argument with Sonny she runs into the arm of Keifer, and sleeps with him.
  • Michael yells at Kristina for talking bad about their dad.
  • Lulu had trouble dealing with her emotions after she is found.
  • Carly tries to reach out to Lulu.
  • Lulu finds comfort with Dante.
  • Dante confronts Olivia about her keeping secrets that Johnny knows he's a cop.
  • Dante and Lulu begin to think a future isn't possible for them.
  • Lucky tells Lulu that he's drinking again.
  • Jason tells Lucky he doesn't care what Liz is doing as long as it's not effecting Jake.
  • Jason expresses concern for Lucky and how it will impact him and Jake.
  • Lucky tells Jason that Jake is still his son.
  • Patrick and Robin clash over Lisa's run in with Steve.
  • Lisa's mood darken when she witnesses Patrick and Robin making up.
  • Lisa sees an opportunity to get closer to Patrick when Robin and Emma leave to see Anna.


MiracleBabyMorgan said...

Even though I detest intense Friday cliffhangers with a passion even I gotta admit the look Jasam had at the end BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!!!!!

MsTink2323 said...

Best Lead Actress:

•Kelly Monaco

Best Lead Actor:

•Steve Burton

Best Supporting Actress:

•Julie Berman
Best Supporting Actor:

•Bradford Anderson

Best Storyline of 09':

•JaSam reconciles

Worst Storyline of 09':

•Nik & Liz have an affair
Biggest Ray Of Light:


Biggest Downer:


Biggest Let Go:

•Natalia Livingston

Most In Need of Being Resurrected:

•Ted King's Alcazar

Favorite Couple:


Worst Couple:


Biggest Surprise Couple:


Biggest GH Scandal:

•Keifer abuses Kristina

Best Guest Appearance:

•James Franco

Worst Guest Appearance:
•Martha Byrne

Best GH Memory of 09:

•JaSam's Hot Mexican Adventure

Most Heartfelt GH Memory

•Michael wakes up with Lulu by his side